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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Idiotic Kerry Comments Ignored By Liberal Newspapers Again

When the worthless Senator from Mass. John F. Kerry said the following the other day:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you -- you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq,"

you know good and goddamned well that Kerry did not mean those words for President Bush. Kerry's point to those kids at the rally was "vote democrat" or go to Iraq. He was talking to college students after all, and implied that the draft would be reinstated, etc.

The money bleeders at the al-Houston Chronicle reposted the al-Reuters story "Bush, Kerry clash over Iraq 'joke'" and you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere near the front page today. It's like on A-10.

That's another reason why you won't find me subscribing to that worthless tripe, and in six-months there will be another story of the Chronicle's circulation dropping another 3.6%. Folks, those libs at the Chronicle have been shooting themselves in the foot for years, and their starting to run low on blood.

As for the Al-DC, I sure somebody will be holding the water for this one just as they've done for the democrat party all these years. They'll swallowing Kerry's tripe hook line and sinker, and will further embarrass themselves in Kerry's defense.

When the liberal democrat leadership is MIA because of their stance on Iraq for the last few weeks of the campaign, someone at the DNC forgot to give Kerry his marching orders to "shut-up" on Iraq.

Do you think if the dems strategy on Iraq was working, that all of them wouldn't be out there stomping Bush and his Iraq policy into the ground. Please.

If anything, Kerry ruined his chance at another run for President in 2008 and some democrats he might have ruined 2006 as well. Liberal candidates are cancelling appearances with Kerry left and right, but our friends in the liberal media will do their best to cover it up.

One thing about this cover-up with Kerry, which can be seen in the Chronicle, the New York Times, and other liberal rags. This time, the people are really paying attention since we are less than a week out of the mid-terms. Those people, the ones that really don't pay attention until just a few weeks before the election are going to find out what's really going on.

They'll say, "honey, that Kerry story that was on the network news last night, did you find it in the Houston Chronicle this morning?" And thankfully a few more people will learn how they have been fooled all these years.

And to think I almost subscribed to the crappy Chronicle a few weeks ago.

Kerry has a long history of putting down our soldiers, from back in the early 70's when in front of Congress he proclaimed our soldiers were butchers, to recently when Kerry said our soldiers were terrorists to Iraqi women and children in the night, and now Kerry's tripe about our soldiers being uneducated.

Folks after this, if the democrats win -- it will be the doing of the Devil.

Screw the Godless libs and the leaning-dem Mods!

Thank God Kerry did not get elected. The same hatred he has had for the military after Vietnam is still there. He looks down his arrogant nose at our soldiers. Many of them could have gone to an Ivy league school just like him, but mom and dad weren't going to foot the bill, and besides so many of them feel it is a duty and honor to serve.

Just because someone served in the military does not mean that they always support our troops later or that a few of the rotten ones like Kerry don't spend the rest of thier lives believing what a "mistake" it was to serve, and how the military was "lucky" to get someone like them to serve.

These kind of people like Max Cleland, Murtha, and Kerry, may have worn a uniform, but their later actions harm our troops. They are traitors. If anyone should know better when it comes to denegrating our troops it should be someone who served once themselves.

Liberals who do this and have never served can at least make a claim later on that having never served, they did not know better. But for Cleland, Kerry, and Murtha THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR SHAMEFUL UNPATRIOTIC TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR!

Yeah Kerry you served, so did BENEDICT ARNOLD! YOU ARE A TRAITOR!
I have no problem seconding that.
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