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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Letters to Kristen Young 'Where is UH's Diversity?'

Would someone please tell psychology junior Jillian Brenda Baginskie to please shut up with writing her letters to the editor. Either start your own UH Blog or run for the Student Senate. Complaining to the DC will not get you anywhere.

So far, the outstanding member from the 2002 Cinco Ranch Color Guard has written about UH's slow reaction to the recent floods, not enough food choice on campus, and equating the poor Black neighborhood surrounding UH with her fear of walking UH's parking lots at night.

Just what are you trying to say Jilly Girl? If Cinco Ranch were surrounded by UH, would you all of a sudden FEEL SAFE when walking to your car on campus in the dead of night?

My advice. Get yourself a concealed handgun permit and start packing on campus. I'd recommend a Kel-Tec 3AT (.380), which would fit in your hand bag with no problem. The handgun class can be taken in a morning and afternoon, and the background check and licensing procedure will take another two months, but it is worth it.

I would just ignore the university's stance on handgun possession on campus -- is it worth your life. Anyway, if you are licensed, I believe you would be responsible enough to carry a concealed weapon in a campus building and not brandish the weapon as to scare the living hell out of gun hating liberals.

See on campus, as long as your are licensed, you can carry anywhere on campus, except in a building having that sign. But hell, is the university going to escort you to your car each and every time when you are campus at night. No. Well, not unless you are willing to wait for various periods of time after having made tedious arrangements.

The problem with the University's weapons policy is that those poor criminals from that poor neighborhood you mentioned know that UH students don't carry on campus and are easy targets when walking in parking lots.

That's liberalism for you.

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