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Monday, November 06, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'He Can't Find A Reason To Vote FOR Democrats' (He asks you to vote AGAINST Republicans)

Let me ask you a question.

Quite simply. Do you really want people like David Mohammed Salinas in control of the US House or Senate?

Do you really want people like David Salinas in charge of securing our borders, controlling our armed forces, raising our taxes, allowing your minor children greater freedoms at securing abortions, and knocking down non-activist judges to our courts, etc. People the liberals laugh at stuff like this.

The democrats are nothing but a bunch of "Nero's" who want to squeeze every living dime out of you for the so-called "public good," and it does nothing but fatten the libs pockets.

Tomorrow, the United States will send a signal to the rest of the World, that we are either a bunch of mice or men. Tomorrow, we find out if al-Qaeda wins. Tomorrow, we will find out if there really is a God.

Folks, I really do care about our society. And to be honest. It really ain't that bad. We are being pounded with fear, rage and hatred day-in and day-out, and I'm tired of it. Coffee is going to kill you. The SUV is going to kill us. Bush is going to you. The oceans are going to die in a couple of years if democrats are not elected. It's really crazy.

Just think. When was the last time a polluted river like the Cuyahoga caught fire. We've come a long way since 1969. Our technology is better. We have cleaner burning fuels and engines, and yet we are still being scared to death by liberals. We have been sold a bill of goods that Houston is a dirty city and its air is dangerous. Poppycock.

Clinton, got all the credit for the economy in the 1990's, but yet, yet at present, President Bush has not received any acclaim for the lowest unemployment in history or Dow 12,000. The liberals refuse to recognize the achievements of the Bush Administration, but when you have a liberal President he would have been lauded in the liberal media.

In his tripe today "Republicans: learn, don't blame," Salinas, al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker, makes his last thrust at helping the demcorats fool the UH electorate into completely voting democrat on November 7th.

Mohammed's assertions that the GOP has "done nothing positive" for this country is completely absurd. I don't know what Kool-Aid Salinas has been drinking, but he'd better get off the stuff now.

I mean look, David still believes that liberal Sen. John Kerry was actually trying to tell a joke when he insulted the troops. Then please tell me David Mohammed Salinas, what was the punchline? Kerry has not one funny bone in his body, and neither does Salinas.

Can you imagine being Salinas, and not to mention thinking the way he does. My God, the torture. He has to be a boy filled with an undying desire to control peoples lives. A hatred for those who do not feel the same way he does, and complete sympathy for the US' enemies.

I don't know what the hell Mohammed was talking about when he wrote that "President Bush and the Republican-led Congress have done nothing of note in the past two years." What the hell do you call confirming two excellent judges to the Supreme Court, solving the problem of detainee tribunals, approving more drilling to fight for our energy independence until we find alternative fuels that can compete with fossil fuels. You want me to go on.

The Bush tax cuts have put record revenues into government coffers and David Mohammed Salinas doesn't believe it.

Salinas defense of Kerry's stupid remarks is incorrigible. The record shows that Bush got higher grades throughout college than John F. Kerry, which Mohammed will not tell you. And not to mention that Kerry's Vietnam service was just a sham to come back to the US and denounce the war and Vietnam Veterans themselves as butchers. The Purple Hearts that Kerry garnered while in Vietnam have been called into question. Now tell me, what veteran you know has received combat wounds in faster succession than Kerry? No wonder he spent only a few months over in the RVN.

A safe world requires some sacrifice on part of the United States. For Christ's sake, we still have troops in Europe, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East following each of those conflicts. What makes you think that Iraq and Afghanistan will be any different.

By cutting and running from Iraq and Afghanistan, we leave the oil in Iraq at the mercy of the terrorists, and they can use that oil to buy weapons and technology. That money would not go to the Iraqi government to provide for the people but to recruit for al-Qaeda and its support to kill Americans in the future.

See democrats are only thinking forward enough to the next poll. That's how Clinton governed, and that's how democrats still think. President Bush on the other hand doesn't care about the polls, nor about the democrats who hate him. He's going to do what is right for America. Bush is thinking about a generation or two ahead, and historians will recognize him for that. After all, do you think President Lincoln was revered when he was President. And if someone says describe the Clinton Presidency in one word, you cannot help but think "sex" or "oral sex."

Salinas doesn't realize that we as a nation learn from mistakes. No one could have predicted how things would turn out after inital hostilities ceased. Things like troop levels and lightly armored Hummers are being corrected, but David Mohammed Salinas thinks that almightly government should have foreseen that and made adjustments beforehand.

Liberals are such sad people and Salinas is no different. He looks at the bad in people and comments. He doesn't look for the good.

We need to act fast in wartime, Salinas does not see that. Private contracts put things into motion and quickly at that. There are only one or two companies in the World that can what Halliburton does. And private contracts are nothing new to government. My God, I love watching the movie "The Aviator" in which Howard Hughes takes on a Senate Committee and wins.

To do what private contractors do, our military would have to be so large it would be hard to manage. And not to mention the military budget would be two, three, or four times larger than it is now. Private contractors allow the military to be flexible. The military doesn't have to move them from place to place. The contractors move themselves. The military just ensures that the mission is supported.

Mohammed regurgitates the liberal line that "Iraq is on the verge of a civil war." We have been hearing that liberal line for well over a year now. When in truth, only 3 or 4 provinces out of 18 in Iraq are experiencing activity that garners mention on our television, al la Americans dying on Iraqi roadsides via IEDs or being shot to death on CNN.

In time, the American role in Iraq will diminize until the Iraqi government request that they leave. David's proclamation that "it is time for Iraqis to control their own country." They are. And "oh, and listen to your own military and fire Donald Rumsfeld", which is a lie, because the Army Times Publishing Company is own by the Gannett Company (USA Today), and not by the US Military.

David Mohammed Salinas claim that "democrats will not raise taxes" is crazy.

"Democrats have endorsed payroll tax cuts, sales tax cuts and proposed raising the minimum wage and making college tuition tax deductible." Please. When has this ever been taken seriously on the democrats side?

Salinas again lies on the Bush tax cuts. They are really tax cuts. And President Bush has been fighting to make them permanent. That's why Salinas is calling them "a tax deferment."

Look, if Salinas goes off about the Bush tax cuts so adamantly, then why should he be believed about democrats wanting to endorse payroll tax cuts, and sales tax cuts.
No matter what the liberal poll numbers have said to depress GOP turnout. The People, "the True Poll," will vote tomorrow and set the record straight as to whether they want more Clintonesk style politics or Not. They'll vote to see if they want more CNN or Fox News, a stronger al-Qaeda or a weaker US Military. The People will vote to see if they want more liberal lies as opposed to the Truth, evil vs. Good, abortion vs. Life, dead embryos vs. Cord Blood & Adult Stem-Cells research.

The People will be voting for their lives.

Screw the Godless libs and leaning-dem Mods!

Let's get Kinky in Austin.
I held my nose and voted for Perry.
Well, America has made her bed. Now it is time to sleep in it. Oh, by the way. The terrorists also won along with the Democratic Party.
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