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Friday, October 06, 2006


UT Daily Texan 'UT Austin Students Sign Up for Voluntary Indoctrination to Islam' (Participate in Ramadan Event)

Sheik Omar leads a prayer in front of UT students Thursday. One of the objectives of the Fast-a-thon was to provide an avenue of involvement and education for non-Muslim students.

I was going to comment about the al-UH Daily Cougars coverage of the Foley incident, but it was not overly one-sided against the issue. Foley is gone, I'm glad he is gone, a candidate has been chosen to replace him. But the liberals insist on Gay Bashing Republicans, and their tactics will backfire come election time, when the Christian Right and the moderate base vote Republican more than ever. If the al-UH DC continues their coverage on Foley, then I will bring out my ammunition to uncut their arguments.

The al-UT Daily Texan's top story today "Fasting for charity: Students raise money for local food bank by abstaining for 1 day," is nothing more than a voluntary indoctrination to islam, designed as a charity event for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Let me ask you, would Catholic's have been afforded coveted top story al-UT Daily Texan news coverage if they were holding a Rosary Marathon, or a Baptist group holding a good ol' prayer revival to support the Capital Area Food Bank. I think not. The al-UT DT editors would have laughed the Catholics and Baptists off the front page.

I'm looking at this ramadan event from the viewpoint of incrementalism. Just think that 25 years ago, smoking was acceptable until the anti-smoking Nazis started in with their incrementally based anti-smoking program. Now, the Houston City Council is considering banning smoking all over the city.

The anti-smoking Nazis knew that their tactics of forcing everyone to quit smoking all at one time would not work, but by chipping away at the block, in time, liberals will be able to stop us from smoking in our own homes. Now I don't smoke, but I not going to stop any adult from their legal right to light up.

The muslims understand incrementalism. They're patient people. You just watch, in a few years, this one-day event will be dragged out for the whole period of ramadan. Tolerate liberals will show as ususal, but in time that won't satisfy the Muslim Students Association. They'll demand that the whole UT student population observe ramadan and fast. I know that they may appear extreme, but when the Muslim Students Association sees the positive liberal press they are getting they will get big-headed in time.

I was a little concerned about what one pharmacy student said, "it's for charity, but it's also a great way to learn more about Islam." My question is what charity -- al-Qaeda? And the outlet to learn about islam should be a warning sign that we may not be to concerned with right now, but our grandchildren will sure pay the price.

Screw the Godless libs!

Give them a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.
Muslims will demand everyone fast! OMG. You are so stupid.
Thank Goodness that the lib Anon #2 is already practicing pre-emptive capitulation to future muslim aggression.

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