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Sunday, October 01, 2006


UH Muslim Pre-emptive Capitulation Program Begins 'New student TV show to further desensitize UH to future Muslim aggresion'

UH's Student Video Network, also known as 'al-Channel 6,' recently held auditions for a new student production aimed at bringing to light the 'hardships' that three males and one female of Muslim or Indian background have faced since 9/11. Evidently the female gets as little respect in this production as they do in Muslim world or on bended knee in front of Der Schlick Meister, and will probably get the least amount of face time of all the participants in the production. The program inaugurates the beginning of the UH Pre-emptive Capitulation Program designed to be more yielding to muslim students. The fifteen episode series may be titled 'Equilibrium,' but other names such as 'Terrorists are People Too,' or 'The Liberals Guide to Pre-emptive Capituatlion,' or 'Give Me What I Want Liberal or I'll Kill You' are being explored.


The UH Pre-emptive Capitulation Program is based off of European and American left appeasement programs designed to head off muslim aggression. Recently, a German opera company practiced Pre-emptive Capitulation by canceling their production of "Idomeneo," which at the end of the program had Idomeneo struting around the stage with the chopped heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and the Prophet Muhammad.

Since muslims will riot or display volatile attitudes if the Prophet Muhammed is displayed in public, as we saw with the muhammed cartoons, the thought of a severed Muhammed head being paraded on stage could invite possible suicide bombers in German cities, or cause copy-kat beheadings of kidnapped German civilians. The Germans pre-emptive capitulation program has taken root and is expected to spread to France, which has not appeased its muslim population as of late for fear of their surrendering to their muslim immigrants. Who would have thought that the Aryan race, sixty odd years following Hitler, would be capitulating to muslims for fear of simply pissing them off.

The UH Pre-emptive Capitulation Program will be refined in the coming months. For instance, new policies of not scheduling exams for muslim students during prayer times. Forcing all UH women to wear burkas, and be escorted by at least one muslim male. Also, muslim students could be exempted from class time to attend terror cell meetings or gatherings designed to orchestrate the downfall of western society. And all muslim students will automatically be given "A's" on their transcripts despite their performance in the classroom.

Pre-emptive Capitulation towards muslims is hear to stay, so deal with it. And forget your right to the First Amendment because both muslims and the ACLU will be all over you unless you capitulate to the muslims right to kill you.

Screw the Godless libs!

I've watched this blog for a very long time. I've even chimed in some. I'd be the first to admit that you often do have some points to make, but I've watched a rather disturbing change in you over the past year or so. You are really starting to go down a dark road.

You once wrote that you were not particularly religious. Now it seems that every thing you write is somehow about bashing Muslims. You now are trying to portray yourself as an almost evangelical Christian type.

When you make statements that the war On Terror must be won, you are right. You are also right that there is appeasement happening in many ways. But the problem is that you are lumping all Muslims in with the fanatics that are Al-Qaida types.

I won't lie and say that there are only afew of the Al-Qaida types, there are probably a few million of them and their supporters, but there are 1.4 billion Muslims, and surely you are not so jaded to think that they are represented by the Al-Qaida types.

The war on terror can't be won without the help of the rational majority of Muslims. We need to get to the point where the normal decent Muslims will turn on these Al-Qaida types, only then can we really be rid of them. This is a war of ideas as much as the Cold War was as you have correctly pointed out in the past.

Making a sharp demarcation between the majority of Muslims who are decent and peaceful, versus the radicalized few million Al-Qaida types is what is going to have to happen if this war will ever end. We need those normal Muslims on our side.

If you do want to convert a person to your faith, it will have to be done with love not anger, and there is no better sermon that a good personal example.

I challenge you to rise to the occasion, show yourself to be the better man than the terrorists, and at the very least make the distinction between a Muslim and a terrorist who believes in the twisted ideology of Bin Laden that is not a true representation of Islam.

I challenge you to build some bridges instead of always walls, and as a Christian myself, I'll keep you in my prayers. You are obviously a man in a lot of pain, and while I don't really know what ails you, or what has happened in you life that has made you become so isolated and angry. But even you can be healed and forgiven with the strength and help of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. You have only to ask for his help.

May the Lord heal you. God bless.
My point was that majority of muslims follow the law, but they are not siding with us on the war on terror. They are afraid of retaliation from the terrorists themselves, and there may be a possibility that they make never come around.

Incredibly, we are giving more rights to terrorists (who do not fight in uniform) than John McCain received in Vietnam as a POW.

For Christ's sake, we're buying detainees Subway sandwiches at Club Gitmo and the libs call that torture.

I know the post seemed to lump in all muslims as bad people. But in this day and age of appeasement, unless those bad people wear a uniform, you don't know who the hell they are.

Rightfully, you can look at each muslim on the UH campus as a potential terrorist until they declare their loyalty to the US. In time, you will have to look at liberals the same way.
I guess Jesus is allright with me is not going to give me that hug...So can you at least get me one of those Subway Sandwiches from Gitmo?
I guess that would be the Jihadi diet instead of the Jared diet. Way to go Subway...hopefully the terrorists' necks won't look like a vagina a-la Fat Bastard afterwards.
Hey guys, I have returned anew from my hiatus. Had lotsa work to; you guys know it is how to be busy (I'm not lazy like those goddamned fetus-devouring, reverse-racist liberals. Or the (many, not all) out-of-touch moh-rons at KPFT for that matter. Eh, eh? Am I right here?). But I'm not terribly important, so nevermind me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type to adandon anyone; my flaming attempt to comprehend the man behind UH...Hater has not been extinguished.

Actually, it's a funny GD thing - Oh, Hey, UH...Hater take note of this: I think there may be a technical problem with your blog.

Here's what's up: the last time I posted (http://uh-conservative-underground.blogspot.com/2006/09/al-uh-daily-cougar-never-offenders-of.html, The al-UH Daily Cougar...OPEN SEASON), I went home, went to bed. Then, I could not view any new posts/comments for about the next four days. I could see all the stuff that had been on there the last time I posted, but nothing new (until just now). Does this sound like anything you've heard of before? Just thought you'd want to know.

Anywho, back to the meat and potatoes. Here's the deal fellahs - I've been contemplating things lately. Yes, stuff like human rights, politics and why Dr. Michael Savage has not been hired by the incompetents at the FBI - but there are more important things at hand here Gentlemen (and Gentlewomen, as well as Gentletrans-genders and Gentlehermaphrodites).

I've been around here for a while, and I've taken a variety of forms (ie, I've used a couple different anonymous handles). Saved By the Bell was still actively posting when I first got wind of this thing. At first, I went through the classic stages: bewilderment, anger, rationalization, depression, resisting the urge to get someone to hack into this thing, etc.

Then I took "Jesus is Just Alright With Me" as my ultra-extra-secret-anonymous-name. It's had a good run. I learned some knew things about the man. And for a brief shining moment, like Joseph McArthy and Roy Cohn in a moment of ecstasy in the Senate locker room, I felt like we had really made a breakthrough.

But I ask all of you, did we really turn a corner? Are UH...Hater's days anymore liveable? Has the pain of his hoarse screaming at deaf ears become any less intense?

Ok, as (most of) you folks can plainly see by now, UH..Hater has been...how to put this...flipping the fuck out lately, even for him. This has been pretty disturbing for me to witness, as I'm sure it's been for (most of) y'all.

For real dude, The goddamn guy is comparing himself to CHARLES F'N WHITMAN, one of the most infamous spree-killers in history. Even if he isn't necessarily serious, that is a seriously F#$%D UP statement.

So here's the culmination of my revelation:

The one you knew as "Jesus is Just Alright With Me" is dead.

From his filthy ashes, it is I who am summoned at the behest of (the Christian) God's infinite compassion: My name is "UH Liberal Hater Lover," and I am here to rescue UH...Haters soul from the depths of psycho-extremist blogging into which it has fallen. PRAISE!1!

And don't worry if the blog accidentally blocks me out from seeing all the new stuff again. After all, this is my new long term project. I won't just up and leave; I'm not like all the others; I love you, girl!1!

If anyone wants to reach me, I may be summoned via uh_liberal_hater_lover@hotmail.com. Don't worry, it's nice, warm, and anonymous.

Stay tuned, kids...
I have sinned against you UH Liberal Hater Lover. And you to Lord, King of All Kings.
Where are all of the other guys on the list for this blog? How come Saved by the Bell's profile does not work? It seems like only UH Liberal Hater posts on this, (other than the comments of course).
This whole thing is soooo bizarre! But I get a lot of laughs out of it. Keep up the disturbing work all of you guys!
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