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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Lights on the Korean Pennisula 'It reminds one of the differences between the Republicans and Democrats' (But I can't quite place it?)

Looking at the Korea Pennisula light situation from the perspective of ideas. There is a big difference from the democratic people's in the North, and the Republic of Korea in the South.

In the democratic people's republic people must be appreciative to government for their meager rations and not look at anyone in a bad way or be jailed.

In the Republican South, technology is a world leader, and they have plenty of food in their stomachs.

In the democratic people's republic Kim Jong-Il starves his people, they can't speak out, and yet KJI gets the liberals respect.

In the Republican South, their activitists are allow to protest freely against the ROK and the US.

Of course the map can correspond to our own democrats and Republicans as well.

On the democrats side, no ideas [no lights], a Culture of Corruption with Kennedy, the unbroken story of the Harry Reid land scandal, skewed polls that say democrats will win everything in November.

On the Repulicans side, new ideas [plenty of lights], some problems but they are way overplayed such as with Foley, current polls that show them losing just as they did in 2004, but watchout. And a growing sense to just stomped democrats into the ground on issues, and call their bluffs.

If Americans are willing to swing left in the middle of a war like the chickens in Spain, then we deserve what we get from al-Qaeda. They recognize weakness in the left and are willing to capitalize on liberal cowering.

If we stand firm, then we have a chance at a much safer world, one hopefully free of nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran.

Screw the Godless libs and the dem-leaning Mods!

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