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Sunday, October 29, 2006


How Come The Liberal Media Doesn't Report More of This? (We are winning people, and the liberal media wants you to believe Iraq is in Civil War)

When I see something like this. I know what we are doing in Iraq is worth it. Our soldiers are fighting for themselves, their buddies, that little kid being hugged. And all liberals can do is verbally "spit" in our soldiers faces.

Liberals would have you believe that Karl Rove set up this moment.

Since when does the media report anything without spinning it? Let's look at somethings here. According to them black on black crime is a huge issue; they fail to report that the majority of crime committed by any race is intra-racial. According to them when certain kids commit atrocities like shooting a bunch of people there is a reason like video games but when another kid does it it's their fault. According to the media China is selling the U.S. contaminated goods but goods made in the U.S. are themselves contaminated and there are quite a few countries that ban U.S. beef etc... because the U.S. barely checks it. None of this even scratches the surface.
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