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Monday, October 09, 2006


Foley Scandal Fading 'Libs even hounding Allen in VA again' (But it will all backfire on the libs come Election Day; no lib attention paid to Blacks)

The New York Times got a lesson over the weekend that Evangelicals are not blaming the GOP, but Foley, in the IM scandal between two consenting adults. As facts emerge, it has become known that the Oklahoma page, Jordan Edmund, was 18 at the time of the email and IM exchanges.

Liberals were hoping that the Religious Right would be turned off by the Foley scandal and the GOP, but of course they are again mistaken. They're flat wrong in fact.

Its amazing how liberals are outraged about internet sex between two consenting adults and demanding resignations. But, My God, back in the 1990's when Der Schlick Meister was receiving BJ's in the Oval Office, the libs said "it was a matter between two consenting adults." No liberal was calling for any resignations back then. Back then it was the "politics of personal destruction." Yes, the libs were personally destructing themselves.

The liberals gave standing ovations and continued to elect liberal congressman Gary Studds after he had actually sex with his underage male page in the 1970's. And now the libs are so opposed to sex. Please.

I was amazed to see that the liberal media is still trying to kill the George Allen campaign by reporting that he did not report capital gains. This is the second torpedo fired at Allen since his so-called N-Word scandal did not stick. Of course, now Republicans in Virginia are pissed and have responded so Allen is up in the polls, but their is virtually no bad liberal press about Allen's opponent James Webb who has called Blacks the N-Word, but you won't find that in the lib papers. And how many liberals were amending travel records during the Travelgate scandal the lib papers simply avoided reporting that.

Listening to the Fox News Sunday podcast yesterday, the only real Sunday show, the polls all showed liberals up in the polls. It actually looked bleak for the GOP come November. But I feared not even though it can get you down. The only real polls that count are the ones on Election Day. In reality, the libs have those polls skewed as much as 4-to-1 in the liberals favor to try and sway public opinion, and from the looks of it, learning from the exit polls in 2004, people know better and simply lie about the liberal they supposedly favor or voted for.

No, I think Rush is Right. The GOP could actually pick up a good 50 seats in the House and take full control of the Senate. The liberals have virtually paid no attention to their Black base as of late, and I think they might stay home or try the GOP for many of them for the first time try voting Republican to see if it helps their condition.

By the way, thanks to Kristen Young for a tame DC today, and not covering any ramadan indoctrination rallies.

Screw the libs!

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