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Sunday, October 15, 2006


A Few Random Thoughts - XXXVI

- It seems that well over 50% of the people in the al-UH DC's "Five Minutes of Fame" on Pg. 2 are from the Middle East.

- If the democrat party wins the House, I will close this blog. (That's how confident I am about November).

- Liberal radio fails because the liberal media saturates the publics mind's with liberal thought and liberal radio offers nothing new.

- Conservative radio succeeds because they report the news that the liberal media should be reporting, if the the lib media were 'fair and balanced. '

- To the person that dropped me the juicy details about Denise Hewitt -- I hail thee as "The DC Insider."

- To Austin, thanks for being a good sport. I'm sure that you bath regularly and try to find that razor on ocassion.

- Cindy Sheehan lost her bid for the Nobel Peace Prize Friday. It went to Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, the so-called "Banker to the Poor", who will use the money to help more poor people get out of poverty.

Sheehan would have used the money to help herself spread more President Bush hatred since she is desperately running out of the insurance money her Son died for.

- Harry Reid, discomposure is coming.

Screw the Godless libs and the dem-leaning Mods!


I tried posting from work today, but I couldn't see the site. I'm not technically savvy enough to figure out why.
I know we will all look forward to some juicy details from The DC Insider.
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