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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Offers Plethora of Foreign Policy Failure Ideas (The US must understand, appease, and die so as not to offend anyone)

UH's "Cousin It" Austin Havican is prepping himself just as he did following the 9/11 attacks.

"We need to understand North Korea, so that they will love us."

The non-brainwashed North Koreans who are starving probably do love us
Austin, its just the ones with their finger on the nuclear trigger that don't.

Why do liberals love dictators so much? Because the libs are jealous they don't have that power the dictators enjoy.

The pot-bellied dog eating dictator Kim Jong Il is not going to stop any of his programs because American liberals send good vibes towards him. And liberals will certainly not admit that their liberal God Clinton created this little nuclear monster with his appeasement programs towards Pyongyang in the 1990's by supplying them with nuclear technology and fuel rods.

In his tripe today "
Options for diplomacy changed," UH's own Chicken Little Colin Ferguson, wants us to follow Colin Powell of all people in getting North Korea's finger off the nuclear trigger. Powell, I might remind you, if he would have had his way, would have gone down as one of the world's greatest appeasers next to Neville Chamberlain, since he advised against Operation Desert Storm and he for sure did not see Saddam Hussein as a threat to the future world.

Colin and Colin are both lambs. My God, there is no talking your way out of this one, especially with the corrupt United Nations involved. No matter how much porn we send to Kim Jong Il, he's probably got all the best stuff anyway to keep him occupied for a long time. Any food that the world sends feed the starving North Korean people goes straight to his army. How can liberals continue to be fooled so easily by that worthless creature just boggles the mind.

Ferguson tries to blame the whole North Korea thing on President Bush when he writes "in order to salvage our current situation, we must first understand our failure, and then, knowing that, ready ourselves for the labor ahead in protecting a newer, more dangerous world. Our success in defusing this new tension is dependent upon not making the mistakes that lead us here." Ferguson, it was the Clinton's appeasement that got us to this point, and I can assure you that the United States will not be giving North Korea any more nuclear technology unless Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House. See, he didn't admit, he won't admit it, that liberals caused this whole mess.

You can be sure that if North Korea gets their nukes, that Iran will be next on the block, and Hugo Chavez will then raise a stink somehow. It's as if we are facing a nuclear "domino theory," in which if one aggressive country gets nukes and the world does nothing about it, the others are sure to follow, and pretty soon some large city in the world goes "boom," via some terrorists plot.

North Korea ushered in the "poor man's" nuclear era last Sunday, and liberals like
Colin Ferguson see the US as the bad guys. If we don't take out North Korean nuclear capabilities in the next few months, then there will be hell to pay when their product takes out a good chunk of an American city and leaves the rest uninhabitable for many decades to come.

LA would be a good start.

Screw the Godless libs!

I've noticed when you nail a subject, the progressives have little to say in response.
"I've noticed when you nail a subject, the progressives have little to say in response."

WTF? Why bother? It isn't like "progressives" or anyone else (who's sane) for that matter come to this sight for its intellectual content.

It's an amusing diversion, like watching a retarded hobo screaming at nothing. He's a joke, even though his out-of-touch ass thinks he's big and bad inside his head.

Jesus, if anyone who's uninitiated wanders in and tries to legitimately rebut, he'll just scream like a pantywaste or try to be coy by saying "Damn, libs be pissed" or something like that (he does this to feel superior even though he doesn't have the patience/intellect to read something he doesn't like the whole way through).

Trying to argue with this weiner-boy is more even useless than reading his wannabe-Michael-Savage rants. He's just gonna act like a douche anyway.

Go ahead and let him think he's "nailed a subject" if it makes him feel like a big boy (derr, lotsa werds=good!!). Tha big wheel keep awn toinin.

Hey UH Liberal Hater: How'd you get that sand in your vagina?
Clinton fucked us all on this one. No doubt.
Damn, lib be pissed.

I guess I don't read all the libs worthless comments. I'm sorry lib.

Now you make me want to go on Dr. Phil.
The cartoon is a spoof of Stanley Kubrik's anti-war satire, "Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." It's a pretty famous image, but I guess you have to be at least a little bit cultured to recognize it. Sorry you missed out on the joke, and terefore made yourself look foolish with your comment.
Austin, I don't think we should be joking about North Korea.

I knew of your association with Dr. Strangelove, hell I loved the music leading up to the bombing, and how crazy Slim Whitman was by riding the bomb down. Hell, the movie was on cable not to long ago.

But what about all those others who didn't get your "joke"?
The others who don't get the joke are sheep.

That doesn't mean the rest of us have to stoop down to their level.
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