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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'At Least They Recognize Stalinists Tactics When Seen' (Liberals Rush Minutemen Stage at Columbia -- Halt Free Speech)

YouTube has it.

Video of Columbia University liberals, adults mind you, acting childish, imposing their Stalinist vision on a peaceful speech given by Minutemen Project founder Jim Gilchrist recently.

Thankfully Kristen Young and her gang of editors wrote in the DC editorial today, "
Protest of Minutemen at Columbia misguided," stating that "a chance for an open debate and discussion of a national issue was trampled under the feet of pro-immigration and migrant rights activists at a Columbia University lecture hall last week."

I remember a television show a long while back about a liberal university that somehow invited a Conservative to speak. They wanted to protest, but also recognized his right to free speech. Back then, they didn't rush the stage like little children, they just walked out.

We have a right to free speech. The legitimate audience at that event had a right to hear the visiting speaker, and those Stalinists libs completely trampled their rights.

I certainly hope that a political commercial of this liberal stupidity makes it out there during this campaign season to show the future of the democrat party. A bunch of childish pansies that can't stand for free speech to be heard especially when they are against it.

Columbia officials need to use the video evidence and kick out the Stalinists organizers of the protest that took place there. From the looks of it, half of the protesters probably weren't even Columbia students, and it sends the country a message that Columbia University is the leftist school of choice.

We can all hope that UH liberal groups are watching. Crushing free speech is not funny. That speech was crashed because the Minutemen are a very effective group. Those children at Columbia are of the mindset that our population is perpetually sustainable on liberal handouts to anyone who can make it across our borders. It's not. And one day our immigration policy will have to be curbed sharply.

"The protestors proved nothing and gained no support for their cause by rushing that stage," said the Eddys. "They called attention to their cause, yes, but lost the respect of many more" and it showed a desperate effort from a liberal cause that is fracturing at the seam. Just like the democrat party as a whole.

Screw the Godless libs!

Good post. I alluded to the Columbia incident and how ultra-libs can't stand free speech if it isn't their own in my comments to your Wal-mart rebuttal (re: Denise Hewitt).
Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful reply of yours a week ago. It makes for great ammunition for the next shootout.

I was going to write something but got sidetracked and well you know. But after that, what else is there to say.

Anyway, my e-mail is located by clicking on my Contributors profile at the top left of the page. Please use it.

I've put out feelers for a photo of Hewitt and the newer contributors, since the DC hasn't been posting photos as of late. Hm, I wonder why.

Anything will be appreciated, especially insider information to make them squirm.

Take it easy.
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