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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Isaiah Warner 'Sees North Korea Nuke Problem as a Bush Creation' (No wonder he's President of the YONG Democrats at UH)

Does this "Pat" fight for Lesbian GBT Rights or Man/Boy Love Rights

Find out today in the
Daily Cougar

I'm not going to spend to much time on
Isaiah Nathaniel Warner's absolute excrement today about the Korean Nuclear Crisis. Not once did the President of the YONG Democrats at UH even mention Der Schlick Meister who started all this crap with his foreign policy of actually believing brutal dictators and giving them nuclear technology.

That's liberalism for you. They have more faith in brutal dictators who kill and starve their own people than they do for American citizens. They thirst for power so much, that in the face of real danger with North Korea that
Warner engages in the blame game.

Warner knows that when he tries to understand the North Korean nuclear crisis, it starts with Bill Clinton and his Administration giving North Korean nuclear technology and fuel. Attempts to blame Bush really fall on deaf ears, no matter what other policy the Bush Administration has engaged in internationally.

Warner's tripe "North Korea now imminent threat," expresses his "futility" at the North Korean nuclear crisis. And incredibly, now Warner wants action from President Bush, saying "we must move forward to what the United States will do from here." What?

Warner proclaims himself as a "die-hard Astros fan." No one knows this because they weren't paying attention to his lame ass, but he was the "jackass in the Mezzanine yelling the entire game" during last year's marathon Game 4 of the NLDS.

Obviously, the liberal wants more of a chance to spread his Stalinists views around, and that takes time. Nuclear weapons will for sure interrupt that timetable.

I was surprised that
Warner actually criticized North Korea for refusing to take part in Six-Party talks. We are talking about an enemy of the United States and the liberal actually sides with the United States.

Since North Korea has a history of selling arms to the "highest bidder" it is safe to assume that once perfected, North Korea could become the newest "Nukes 'R Us."

I think we need to examine how many sexual IM contacts did
Warner have with gay Representatives when he worked for Jessica Farrar in the Texas Legislature in 2005.

Screw the Godless libs!

You missspelled Young.
Wait, so you're saying that all people in support of the GLBT community want to support NAMbLA?

Well, I guess after Foley, that makes sense. If you're a gay conservative, of course you want to fuck little boys. I see your logic. Leave Pamela out of it, though - you were the one who brought up screwing children, so it was first on your mind.

I feel compelled to say this, despite my inclination toward higher discourse:


^- Two people who missed the point...
the reason for fast a thon isnt to preach, it's just another avenue to know muslims on campus. which are not terrorists btw. and i dont get how close minded you are since there is a sizable population of muslims on campus hailing from all over the world as well as the us.

when did common traits like 'compassion, tolerance, forgiveness' become 'liberal' and not universal?
the antidote to uh liberal hater

post on!

uhmoderate, why would you be the antidote to just uh liberal hater? Shouldn't you be the antidote to both uh liberal hater and the ultra-libs from the DC? And your blog won't allow anon comments or I would have posted there.

Personally, I would prefer that uhmoderate would succeed, but not if it's going to be all ultra-liberal bullshit just being called moderate. Of course the reverse is true too; don't try and disguise any ultra-conservative bullshit either.
I'm not saying that "people in support of the GLBT community want to support NAMbLA?" I'm just saying wants the difference in their behaviors?

Neither contributes to the furtherment of man, but to ones selfish desires.

Foley is a perv, and he is gone. It's the liberals who are trying to keep the scandal alive by going after Dennis Hastert, because that's literally their only issue in this campaign. And when it becomes known that democrat operatives shopped the e-mails for over a year, and how many liberal congressional officials knew of the e-mails, even CNN will drop the scandal.

And not to mention the scandal that the AP is starting to cover on Sen. "Dingy" Harry Reid, who profited on land (over $1 million) that he didn't even own, and did political favors for others in Nevada that have really made a killing in land development.

Now that is true liberal scandal, and it probably won't get any play in the liberal media.

Liberals cannot win elections on issues, and I literally cannot wait till election day, because I feel that the GOP base is on fire.
UH Moderate smoderate. I don't have to go on other people's blogs to promote my own.
Fuck you.
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