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Friday, October 20, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Please Spare NorKom People' (Al-Qaeda will need their help to kill Americans later)

Man, al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist and future al-Qaeda Finance Minister Hasan Rizvi really cares about the North Korean (NorKom) people.

Did you know that NorKom people live in an oppressed society and hardly don't have anything to eat. My God, where is the liberal outraged?

I mean, the liberals will insist that we go halfway around the World to Somalia to help those with hardly anything to eat, only to cut-and-run when pressed.

In his tripe today "Keep Korean people in mind," Rizvi wants us to keep our minds on the most mind-numbed people in the World -- the innocent NorKoms.

I say forget it Rizvi, all aid that has been "earmarked" for the NorKom people has went straight to the North Korean Army. And you know that the pot-bellied, dog eating dictator will never allow inspectors into North Korea to check for something as simple as that.

Thankfully Rizvi recognizes that "Kim Jong-Il’s propaganda says that the people of North Korea are the 'happiest and freest people in the world,' but the opposite is closer to the truth."

Rizvi gives us his swan song over the NorKom peoples daily intake. For instance, "the average daily intake for a North Korean is 600 calories, one-fourth of what the human body usually requires." Who cares? Kim Jong-Il doesn't.

The Clinton Administration was fooled by the NorKom's when we gave their people food, and I would argue that the Clinton's knew that the food we donated to NorKom's was going straight to their army, when at the same time "as many as 3 million may have starved to death; others barely got by consuming things such as boiled grass." Hell, back then the Clinton Administration would do anything for good poll numbers.

Hasan Rizvi sees the NorKom leader as "indifferent to the suffering of innocent people" but he doesn't condemn Kim Jong-Il. To Hasan, its about how "we should not repeat the mistakes we made when dealing with Saddam Hussein’s regime."

Hasan is afraid that UN imposed sanctions will allow the NorKom people to suffer even more, and of course it will be the United States' fault. Who cares? Liberals don't, all they want is power back, and they don't care who they destroy or who has to die for them to get it.

So why spare the North Korean people in the hunt for Kim Jong-Il? Because the NorKom's are a people that hate the United States, and al-Qaeda needs all the friends it can get.

Screw the Godless libs and the dem-leaning Mods!

< sarcam >Wow, your posts sure have been getting a lot of feedback lately.< /sarcasm >
Who gave you permission to write on my blog. You stupid liberal.
just because we're not posting doesn't mean we're not reading.
I've found that when he's pretty convincing in his arguments, he gets fewer responses from people.
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