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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Denise Hewitt 'Attacking Wal-Mart on Order from the Young Democrats at UH' (I'm buying more Wal-Mart stock)

Here it comes again.

The DNC sends out a talking points fax to state party HQs -- ATTACK WAL-MART.

The Texas Democrat Party sends out a talking points fax to county party HQs -- ATTACK WAL-MART.

The Harris County Democrat Party sends out a talking points fax to Young Democrats at UH HQs -- ATTACK WAL-MART.

The Young Democrats at UH sends out a talking points fax to the al-UH Daily Cougar -- ATTACK WAL-MART.

Fearing for her life, Kristen Young, Editor-in-Chief of the al-UH Daily Cougar calls on regurgitator of liberal professor crap columnist Denise E. Hewitt to save the day for the democrats, and insult over one-million people who work for Wal-Mart.

In her tripe today "Wal-Mart wage caps cause rift," Hewitt complains of Wal-Mart's "big box" style and how it has redefined how Americans shop for goods. Evidently, she is angry that her competing communist buddies -- the Chinese -- are outfoxing her and the democrats brand of liberalism.

Hewitt proudly reports that Wal-Mart's expansionism "have driven cities and towns to draw up regulations to prevent themselves from becoming the next location for 60,000 square feet of fluorescently lit merchandise stamped 'Made in China.'" No matter, Wal-Mart has an answer for that, as the liberals in Chicago have seen.

Its called innovation, creative thought, its called business. What Wal-Mart is doing in Chicago is ringing the city limits of Chi-town with its stores, thus allowing the citizens of Chicago to shop at Wal-Mart, while at the same time denying the City of Chicago any tax revenues they would have received via sales.

Hewitt does not see the changing times. Many people do not have time to go to Western Auto for one thing, HEB for one thing, and Cartridge World for one thing. But at Wal-Mart, they have all those things. Wal-Mart will not drive Western Auto, HEB, or Cartridge World out of business. Those that specialize in those things will always be able to keep cost down. For instance, Wal-Mart's meat department is in no way competitive with HEB or Kroger, but its there for a convienence. But in other areas of the store, Wal-Mart is much more competitive with the grocery stores and department stores.

Whether or not Wal-Mart is "the biggest act in town" doesn't matter. They have their shoppers. Liberals are jealous because of their success story, and cry like stuck pigs whenever they get a chance. What they don't realize is that Wal-Mart is not going to take it as we have seen with the prescription drug coup that they recently pulled off.

Liberals created Wal-marts success and Denise continues to do her part with her tripe today.

Hewitt's argument that Wal-mart seeks to cut cost by not providing "a living wage" is crazy. Do we hear of liberals crying that the people who work at McDonald's don't make a living wage. I ate at the McDonald's across from Cougar Field. I didn't recall seeing one teenager, and I doubt if management was paying them a living wage. Where is Hewitt's outrage about that.

At a new Wal-mart just outside of Chicago, 25,000 people applied for less than 500 positions. And liberals complain that Wal-Mart doesn't pay enough. People want to work at Wal-Mart. It really is a step up in life for many people.

Wal-Mart hurts liberalism because of its success. They institute news ideas.

Denise's take on Wal-Mart's "wage caps" is again off and intended to pollute the UH weak minded students into thinking that Wal-Mart is bad. Hewitt doesn't even mention that Wal-Mart raised wages, and is bring more part-timers on board.

Hell, why not a wage cap? I think its good. It promotes a spirit of innovation in a worker to do better in their job to get that management position in the future. I was visiting an old war buddy at the VA Hospital near the UH campus recently. There was a janitor doing his job in the room, we talked a bit, and he said he could do his job completely in 45 minutes what the government pays him to do in 8 hours. In his case, he is being paid to do his job slow, and it other cases other than the gentlemen we talked to, his co-workers do poorly in their work.

In this age companies are just not going to increase your pay just because your around and breathing. One of my Father's friends is a hispanic male and naturalized citizen, and worked for a barge company on the ship channel until he was fired after working for the company for many years. He earned top dollar among the hispanic males who worked for the company. He has since went on to get a better job that pays more.

I think Wal-Mart's wage cap may start a trend. I think it might be a good thing for hourly workers who fear going to work each day for they might be fired for making too much of an hourly wage. Of course over time caps will be raised because that's the nature of business. To keep good people, management knows they have to keep wages competitive.

Hewitt's assertion that Wal-Mart's low wages are creating a dependency in their workers. No, that's the democrat party.

Screw the Godless libs!

Constructive criticism of a company's practices is not insulting the workers. By cutting the work day to 8 hours and allowing weekends off, labor activists weren't insulting the workers. And, oh, imagine how all those child laborers felt when they became unemployed.

I'm not saying don't buy from Wal-Mart. That's a personal decision. But, just like with the government, it is usually beneficial to hound a company for better practices.

"I was visiting an old war buddy at the VA Hospital near the campus recently. We a janitor was in the room, we talked a bit, and he said he could do his job completely in 45 minutes what the government pays him to do in 8 hours. In his case, he is being paid to do his job slow"

I don't think that should come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the military or VA.
UH employees inlcuded as well.
UH Liberal Hater,

Thought you might like this, but couldn't find your email anywhere.

Well, Denise Hewitt is finally onto you. Better watch out! It was this article that turned her on. Somebody emailed her with the link. What did she do? First she posted a thread kind of laughing it off in a private forum*. She posted a link to her op-ed and then your article. She thought she'd be backed up by her liberal friends. Well it turned out that her liberal friends weren't quite as ultra-far left and looney as she is. They actually challenged her stance and she couldn't take the heat. She then requested the moderator lock the thread. Silence the opposition! Just like the Columbia students! Free speech is only allowed by ultra-libs when it's their speech or agrees with their stance 100%.

I'm suprised she didn't learn earlier. She used to post (in the private forum) her forthcoming op-eds in full prior to them being published. She received such little praise and too much "constructive" criticism that she just stopped posting them.

* sorry I can't provide a link to the site, but it is a very private forum where you wouldn't be able to read it without a login which are handed out personally by the admin.
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