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Friday, October 20, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Dawn Rorie 'Knows Christian Conservatives Will Vote' (Now calling Foley a pedophile, when he had no sex with teens)

The liberals attempts to oust Republicans by scandal, because they know they can't oust them via the ballot box is still continuing to fail. I don't know who those so-called "Christian Conservatives" are that the liberal media are talking to, but the ones that I know are itching to vote, and overwhelmingly VOTE REPUBLICAN.

My God, you now have the liberal Nick Lampson running an "ATTACK AD" against his Write-in opponent Shelly Sekula-Gibbs for District 22. Lampson's actions really projects an aire of reality into his campaign, and he is confidently desperate since he's down by double-digits in the polls.

Liberals, the gig is up. Times have changed. People are not as stupid as you think not to think about national security first when they step near that voting machine. Because to have racism, to have abortion, to have welfare, and to be soft on dangerous criminals, all the things that liberals want, you have to have a safe America. Safe from terrorist attack and the threat of attack.

Efforts to keep the Foley scandal going are worthless. The weirdo is gone, and there is a replacement candidate in his place. But why the switch from tainting Foley from gay to a pedophile. I know why, and in comes in the form of Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist and Houston Voice writer Crystal "Meth" Dawn Rorie who has laid down a thick layer of goop for UH weak minded students to wade through along with all that rain we got recently.

In her tripe yesterday "GOP spreads false info about pedophilia," Crystal Dawn, UH's own little English lesbian whore, who will soon be serving hamburgers and fries at the local Montrose Burger King, is doing the bidding of the Gay publication The Houston Voice and trying to persuade her ten readers that Foley is a pedophile, when it has been proven he had no sex with anyone underage.

It was the Democrat Party's idea of "outing gays" in the Republican Party in hopes of convincing Christian Conservatives not to vote that paid too much attention to the cause of the gays. We haven't heard anything of that so-called "list of Gay-Republicans" because it rubbed liberal gays the wrong way, and made them look to themselves as deviants. Hence we get Crystal Dawn trying to write her version of the story that Foley is a pedophile, when he has no such history. I'm not defending Foley for his stupid actions, but damnit, he is a gay man and not a pedophile.

If you want to talk Gay pedophile, let's talk liberal Gary Studds who had sex with a 17 year old male page. Studd's wanted the boy so bad that he took him to Morocco to boink his brains out. Congress censured Studds for boinking the boy, and Studd's district was stupid enough to re-elect him until he retired in 1996. Of course Rorie couldn't reach Studds for comment because he recently died, presumably after having sex with an underaged male.

Rorie starts off her lying tripe with "Mark Foley knew the last thing the Republican Party needed in the weeks leading up to the midterm elections was a sex scandal -- especially one involving a congressman, sexually explicit e-mails and underage boys."

Of course Crystal Dawn Rorie won't tell you that the e-mails are three years old, the boy was actually an adult, and it was the IM's, which I've never heard of anyone saving ever, that caused the whole scandal. Foley was a setup from the beginning, and quite frankly it did not work.

Rorie also will not tell you that the e-mails were shopped around to the media for almost a year by democrat operatives, and that the FBI said the e-mails showed signs of being tampered with. Foley was a politically timed event, which if the gas prices were not headed down, the Dow not headed up, and the President's poll numbers not headed up, would still be in the democrat jack-in-the-box waiting to be sprung about ten days before the November elections. But since everything is going good, Foley was the only issue in the democrats bag and they had to spring him on the public.

When you really think about it, using Foley as their only issue makes a sad case for the democrats. Foley is being used to taint the Republicans as a bunch of "gays" so that the Christian and Principled Conservatives will stay home come election day. Foley should have been welcomed by the gay community when he announced he was gay. The only confirmed pedophile that I know of in the Congress was Studds, and to say that Foley is one without proof is, well, that how liberalism works.

As far as I'm concerned Republican efforts to counter the liberals on the Foley damage have been tame. The Conservative bloggers have been instrumental in pointing fact after fact about the scandal, and that the whole thing was really a SET-UP. Liberals have spewed lie after lie about the pervert Foley trying to damage the Republican Party as a whole, and I'm confident that they will be surprised come election day about how much it will hurt the democrat party.

Hell, when the democrats have to borrow money ($5 mil) to run their campaign, that stinks to high heaven to me. There are more democrat millionaires in the Senate than Republicans, and the democrats are seen as the party of the poor people? And these poor people who never seem to get out of the dumps, yet they still depend heavily on the liberals.

Crystal Dawn Rorie hopes to be one of those liberals that the poor depend on in the future, and she will use every GOP scandal she can get her hands on to get there.

Screw the Godless libs and the dem-leaning Mods!

I think that you are going a little too far. I am a family member of Rorie and I don't think that you should post this on the internet with her picture for all to see. Just because you don't like her wealth of information, or her way of reporting, doesn't mean that you need to trash her and the way she chooses to live her life... or more so, assume that she will be flipping burgers. Sounds to me like she has your panties in a bunch, and that (apparently from your comments) is a good reporter.
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