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Monday, October 30, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Now Its Racist for White Girls to Wink At Handsome Black Men' (Fearlessly writes N-Word multiple times)

Racism is constantly being redefined everyday, and now it's considered racist for an attractive white girl to wink at a handsome Black man, and say "call me," at least in a GOP political commercial.

Today al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas is doing his last minute part to try and confuse the UH electorate into completely voting democrat on November 7th. He's doing the best can -- by lying to you.

In his tripe today "Ad campaigns focus on race," Salinas plays "on fears rooted in racial bias to garner those last few votes." He quotes the N-word four times, which to me is a direct insult to the UH Black Community.

He only reports on so-called GOP discrimination, never mentioning anything dem, which are really to numerous to mention.

The GOP ad on Harold Ford, which was funny and addressed the issues that people are interested in, and spelled out that Ford is truly a 'liberal.' Now Ford is out there claiming to be 'God-fearing' and 'gun-loving,' all the things that democrats truly stand for, yeah right. And get this, Ford is out there claiming that Democrats "love the Lord" more than the GOP. And not to mention Ford is out there crashing his opponent Bob Corker's camapign appearances, such as was seen in the "Memphis Meltdown.'

There is a lot of sick stuff out there, like that MJ Fox never even read Amendment 2 before he did that stupid stem-cell ad in Missouri. Salinas will never tell you anything about that.

Screw the Godless libs and the leaning-dem Mods!

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