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Monday, October 02, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Religion and Politics Only Bad When it Applies to Christianity' (Muslim and liberals get free pass)

I've been so busy as of late that I didn't even get a chance to look at any of last weeks al-UH Daily Cougar's on my desk until Sunday evening. Oh yeah, I did check out last Monday's. I'll try and do better this week since my schedule isn't so lumped together.

Continuing on the anti-Christian theme that
al-UH DC writers been tasked to engage in by the Harris County Democrat Party, today we find al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas on another blame America first anti-Christian rant.

In his tripe today "
Religion and politics not a good mix," Salinas attacks the Evangelical movement, more specifically Mohammed focuses on the release of the documentary film Jesus Camp, which has caused controversy because the kids actually pray to President Bush and coordinators enlighten campers on abortion and other Christian issues. The program may appear scary at times, but the point gets across to the campers.

I'm not to concerned about those Evangelical campers, so why is
Salinas? Any camp that promotes Christian and anti-abortion attitudes can't be all that bad. I believe Salinas might be jealous. Instead of liberals organizing camps that promote liberal values of oral sex and cut-and-run in wartime, they continue to abort their campers and future democrat voter base.


What stuck me about
Mohammed's piece was his one-sided attack on Christianity when it comes to religion and politics. We hear not a mention about muslims, and how in some muslim countries islam is the body politic. I would imagine muslim summer camps as having classes about hating Jews and Americans, or about how to strap a bomb to your body and go on to your seventy virgins by killing Jewish and American infidels, or how to mention democrat party talking points in their al-Jazeera messages.


I and many others have long been disgusted with the liberal blame America first crowd. The parents that send their children to any religious camp know what they are doing. It's none of my business. But seeing as liberals see anyone religiously encamped as dangerous, they want to re-live the great days of the 1990s, when the Clinton Administration took out religiously encamped Christians practicing their way of live in Waco, and wanting to be free from influence of American liberalism.

Salinas attacks noted Christian leaders Robert Grant, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Ralph Reed, and how they've come to have such a grand influence over the Bush Administration. Mohammed took particular disgust in how Christians "handed out 1,000,000 'voter guides' in churches across the country to increase [Conservative] voter mobilization" during the last election. Hmm, I wonder if any Republican candidates ever made it up to the pulpits of any Black Churches in 2004, since during election season white liberals are lining up to fool the Black population again in their churches. That is the true occassion when "mixing religion with politics should not occur." When liberals "exploit religion for their own interests" pretending to "have others' concerns at heart."

Screw the Godless libs!

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