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Friday, October 27, 2006


Al-NYT: Democrats See Black Turnout as a Challenge

VA Liberal Senatorial Candidate
and Porn Author, Jim Webb, meeting
with very enthusiastic Black Voters
(Photo: The Virginian-Pilot)

Just back from a nice celebratory steak dinner with a couple of buds and a cousin of mine for the big news today. What's $450 plus for some steaks and beers when you're having fun. Will probably drop another $600 before the end of the weekend with family. And you know who, we got a lot laughs off of you.

When I got back to my place and relaxed a bit, I ran across this New York Times story for Friday "Democrats See Black Turnout as a Challenge," which echoed my thoughts about how Blacks are not as enthusiastic about voting this time for democrats, and well, I felt compelled to make a post.

I'm of the thought that Blacks are tired of being "herded" like sheep to the democrat feeding trough just before the election. For instance, the NYT pointed out that Virginia liberal Jim Webb, who is running against Sen. George Allen, and of course, the liberal "crammed in visits to 12 Black churches, and for several weeks he has been pumping money into advertisements on Black radio stations and in Black newspapers." In effect, the herding has begun.

Missouri liberal Claire McCaskill, who is caught up in the middle of the Michael J Fox disaster, is trying to fool Blacks with ads on sickle cell anemia, and how embryonic stem-cell research can cure afflicted Black people with sickle cell, but Blacks will only be cured if the liberal is elected.

I've maintained for weeks that Black voter turnout is vital in this election, and that democrats have continued to ignore their Black base, something that nobody has been talking about.

"There are worries among Democratic strategists in some states that Blacks may not turn up at the polls in big enough numbers because of disillusionment over past shenanigans." Not GOP, but democrat shenanigans because you know if it were GOP they would have said so.

The Pew Research Center found that Black disenchantment in the voting system has nearly doubled since 2004 to 29%. Not to mention that 16% of Blacks voted GOP in 2004. Larry X included, and I'm sure alot more of his buds will be voting GOP this year.

Nearly 30% of Blacks do not see their votes being counted accurately, but in Black voting areas like New Orleans, liberals run the show. Again, if the GOP were responsible for miscounting Black votes, then the GOP would have been blamed.

The NYT says that "voting experts say the disillusionment is the cumulative effect of election problems in 2000 and 2004, and a reaction to new identification and voter registration laws. Long lines and shortages of poll workers in lower-income neighborhoods in the 2004 election and widespread reports of fliers with misinformation appearing in minority areas have also had a corrosive effect on confidence." That is pure bullcrap.

The democrat party has been hijacked by the very extreme leftist George Soros-type groups and Howard Dean, and Blacks have simply been left out in the cold. It was afterall Howard Dean who said, "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for" in a long ago meeting with the DNC Black Caucus, "you think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? Only if they had the hotel staff in here."

I believe Blacks know they have been hijacked, and come November 8th, they will be the "big story," about how the liberals lost the election, again. I still maintain that if the democrat party wins the House, I will close this blog immediately, not that it will eventually be closed anyway.

I'm not convinced that democrats, at least the ones with some common sense, are that excited about voting dem this year. I mean Black GOP candidates, especially Michael Steele in MD, actually has a real chance in a heavily democrat state, where the Black democrat primary candidate, former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume lost to a white guy, Ben Cardin.

"Recent polls have found record levels of outrage from Democrats about the current political leadership, which may offset the effect of Black disillusion." But as I've pointed out before, the polls, if you look closely between the lines, are most of the time heavily overweighted with democrats.

Well, it is late, and I've got to get my night-table reading out of the way.

Screw the Godless libs and the leaning-dem Mods!

You do have a point. My black friends are not happy with the Democratic Party at all.
Neither are my black friends for that matter. Thing is, they still aren't going to vote republican - as if that party is any more viable an option (this is backed up by voting records and exit polls of previous elections).

For that matter, a lot of "bread basket" traditionalist conservatives are NOT voting many of the current Republicans back in (for fairly obvious reasons). That doesn't mean they're going to run into the arms of the democrats because they just want to "try the 'other' party" (in name only).

People - no matter who they are - aren't going to join/support a party just because it's less crappy than the other party. That strategy hasn't worked too well for the lib dems, and it ain't gonna work for the con reps either (or con dems or lib reps, for that matter).

P.S. This is awesome weather we're having right now!
I think that the 16% Black GOP vote in 2004 will increase by 2, 3, or even 4%.

But I think everybody is radically underestimating what the GOP base is doing. I believe they regret the '92 protest vote, and won't repeat that lesson, because they know what they get in return -- 8 years of Clinton.

I held my nose on Perry and Dewhurst this year, but it had to be done.
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