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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Action Must Be Taken Against North Korea (If not, then Iran will, by making and using their own nuclear weapons)

Make no mistake. When liberals like Hillary Clinton try and blame President Bush for North Korea's exploding an underground nuclear weapon by taking his eye off the ball, lets all examine how North Korea got nuclear weapons in the first place.

The main perpetrator in North Korea's ability to get nuclear technology was Bill Clinton, aka Der Schlick Meister, who in working with Kim Jong Il's daddy Kim Il Sung in 1993, when North Korea threatened to withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Of course North Korea had its demands, and the wimpy Clinton Administration yielded by offering diplomatic recognition, ending economic sanctions, and giving North Korea a million tons of grain, a 1/2 million tons of heating oil yearly, and guess what -- 2 light-water reactors, that the communist North Koreans promised to use only for peaceful means.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the liberals acting under the guise of helping an underprivleged communist country, have 13 years later given North Korea the capabilities of creating nuclear weapons.

Liberals caused this, and you won't read or hear about it in the liberal media. They'll claim that Bush caused this. My ass. Bill Clinton caused this, and now President Bush has to clean it up.

When nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula increased in 1994, Clinton sent Jimmy Carter, and eventually UN demands for facility inspections and the return of fuels rods were dropped. This from the political party that the liberal media is propping up in each evening news broadcast.

And let us not forget that Carter once called the brutal Kim Il Sung "a man of justice," and probably sees Kim Jong Il in a better light than he sees President Bush.

Following Kim Il Sung's death in July 1994, the mad Kim Jong Il in October 1994 received even more nuclear power stations under threat at a Geneva conference with the Clinton Administration.

My God, can you imagine the scandal that would have brewed if a Republican Administration would have handed North Korea nuclear technology to create a nuclear bomb? But of course, the liberal press gives Clinton another pass, and Senator Clinton has the gaul to blame President Bush.

Don't be fooled folks. The CBS Evening News' efforts trying to fool people into thinking that Republicans are finally "more corrupt" than democrats is completely crazy. The evening news (and all news for that matter) is a product like fruit at your local grocery store, and it is very easy to determine when that product spoils in the form of lower newspaper circulations and lost viewership. Even Fox News loses a few viewers sometimes, but they are still better than the liberal competition by four times.

The Clinton Administration not only dropped their pants for Kim Jong Il, they bent over and extended a private assurance that the US would not attack nor destroy North Korea. Millons of tons of US donated food slated to the North Korean people went straight to Kim Jong Il's army, at a time in the 1990's when North Korea was facing a deadly famine.

A 1995 Clinton NIE declared that no country, other than those who at that time had nuclear capabilities, would not be able to develop nuclear ballistic missiles within the next fifteen years. Well, we know now that was wrong. China had been well behind in missile technology until the Clinton Administration, and then by 2003 were able to put men in space -- another Clinton legacy besides blow jobs.

The Clinton Administration refused to acknowledge that we were being fooled by the North Koreans. In the late 1990's Madeleine Albright declared that the Clinton Administration has "stopped a nuclear weapons program in North Korea.” Even after North Korea lauched rockets capable of hitting the US, the Clinton Administration refused to see the light.

It was not till near the close of the Clinton Administration that did they admit that their negotitiations with the North Koreans were a crock. They knew that they were getting the reach-around the whole time, but as long as their poll numbers were high they didn't care. Now, in 2006, the United States is paying the price for their focus group greed.

Even after being refusing nuclear inspections in North Korea, Clinton sent him a half-million tons of grain for Kim Jong Il's army. The Clintons also turned their heads when North Korea was building underground facilities, which Japan and China both have confirmed are able to enrich uranium.

By 2002, an official in the Clinton Administration, according to the LA Times acknowledged that they knew at the time of negotiations that the North Koreans were seeking nuclear weapons. They Clinton liberals have been covering up their lies ever since.

Now action must be taken against the North Koreans. Strongly worded letters or sanctions will not work this time. We cannot talk our way out of this one, and the United Nations will be totally impotent as usual. Remind you that the world's tyrants are watching, especially the liberals angel Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If North Korea is allowed to keep its nuclear weapons technology, then Iran will be emboldened to continue with theirs.

If the liberals win in November, then North Korea and Iran will get their nuke programs fullfilled. Who are liberals to interfere with the world and be seen as a bunch of "meanies." At that time, we will welcome a nuclear terrorists strike on US soil under the auspices of political correctness, which gives terrorists an equal opportunity to kill us before we can stop them.

Screw the libs!

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