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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


UH's al-WIN on Channel 11's 5 o'clock Newscast

Channel 11's story "Couric in anchor chair inspiring more women to become journalists," featured al-WIN during their 5 o'clock newscast today.

Good 'ol al-WIN reporter Matt Dougherty of a "A Day in the Life of a Male Prostitute" was shown in Karla Barguiarena's piece doing a video report, probably on horse meat processing or something.

We look forward to more video news stories from al-WIN this semester. Who can forget all the great Wal-Mart bashing and prostitution enlightenment they've reported on in the past. It makes for good viewing.

Screw the Godless libs!

WiN shall rise again. Sorry, probably no tv shows this semester. Nor will we be doing stories about Wal-Mart and male prostitutes. Sorry nothing for you to jerk off to.
Oh no. Can't get a rise out of WIN.
WIN will probably do a story about how child molesters and those who engage in bestiality are just "misunderstood" and how terrorists just need a big hug, a student visa, and a monetary donation instead of an American bullet in the head. Can't say I look forward to my student fees going towards destroying the country I love. But that's WIN for you.
It'll be a pleasure spending them. Make sure you check on the site.
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