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Thursday, September 14, 2006


NOW Bitch: "Bush Got You Down?"

How miserable must a person be to title her NOW, or as I call them NAGs, 'Below the Belt' column, "Bush Got You Down?"

Yes, NAG President Kim Gandy is trying to brighten her amazon troops by saying "He's [meaning President George W. Bush] been in the news a lot lately, spreading cheerful [good news]", which Gandy labels as "misinformation," "with the help of his media allies," whom, except maybe FOX, I do not know who they would be?

Gandy continues "in the coming weeks, we have the opportunity to make real change by increasing the number of feminist [amazons] in our government." Fat chance, hell, the latest all women's radion network, comprised of WPMS, WCRY, WDYK, WBCH, have been announced and will have nothing except sewing and cooking, and woman things. Do amazons do any of that stuff? Of course it will go broke like Air America.

Gandy, she is so liberal that she wants insurance to cover birth control of all things. My God, just act responsibly in your one-night stands bitches -- in the spirt of Bill Clinton just give some "head" instead of having sex, or hell, I don't mind lesbian relationships as long as the girls are both hot.

With the NAGs its always abortion. Abortion this and abortion that, the "current Congress has been more invested in criminalizing an aunt or grandmother who might help a niece or granddaughter obtain an abortion in the next state." Good, then maybe we won't have to let so many immigrants. The NAGs have supported the abortion of tens of millions of voters, whom probably most would have been members of the democrat party.

When I say do away with the minimum wage. People are not stupid, and they know how much jobs are worth, Gandy's still insist that in regards to the minimum wage, "we're hard-pressed to find a majority of elected officials who care about anyone's human needs, let alone women's." Again BS coming from the NAG leader.

The minimum wage is just another example of liberals wanting to control peoples lives. Nobody in their right mind will work for $2/hr any more, its not physically possible to work for that amount of money and maintain a living. The minimum wage is just a control knob for the liberals. It's definitely not designed to raise a family on these days.

To show much liberals care about control the poor they voted down a minimum wage increase over the summer. So what if the wage increase was tied to a tax decrease, the fact is that liberals care more about tax increases than they do about minimum wage increases. That's the resolve of liberals -- more money in the liberals pockets now, and no extra money in the poor people pockets later.

And let's face it. If there weren't any poor, who would the liberals constituency be? Inner city blacks have purposely been designed to be kept that way by the liberals, the Jackson's and the Sharpton's, etc. Have you ever heard a message of economic hope come from their mouths that touts economic opportunity by getting your education and increasing your self-esteem -- NO. To them libs, if the government isn't going to do it for you, then nobody is.

The same goes for the Hispanic community. You have to lift yourself up by your own bootstraps. Nobody in the liberal community ever stresses saving for your own future. Open a savings account, watch the power of compound interest, save.

The NAGs can go ahead and express joy at the few successes of their amazon candidates last Tuesday, but when November rolls around they will be giving out the same story as last election. "We gave it a shot, buy came up short."

Screw the Godless libs!

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