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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Liberals Trying to Get Their Stories Straight about Upcoming November Election Loss

The Cybercast News Service reported yesterday in their news story "America's Voting Machines Still Flawed, Democrat Alleges," that "American voters will still be dissatisfied after this November's mid-term elections," thus setting the liberals up for another disappointing loss come November. Stories about this have been popping up about once or twice a week for a while now.

Of course, you wouldn't be seeing stories like this if the liberals were thinking that they were actually going to win. These stories are being planted now to show a trail of mistrust and deceit in the election system, not to mention that low showing in democrat primaries cannot possibly turn into control of the House much less the Senate.

Somehow, just somehow, everywhere election fraud is taking place in the democrat mind, and its the Republicans fault. Its getting so bad that liberal Congressman Rush Holt, from New Jersey, wants to make sure that you vote democrat with his house bill "aimed at making election results more verifiable." Meaning, he wants to know who you voted for.

Come on, this is 2006. Its not like in the times when democrats were imposing literacy tests and poll taxes on Blacks trying to vote in their White Primaries.

Democrats are the ones cheating in elections. Why do you think that they vote against simply showing some piece of identification just to vote. In society, everyone must carry identification, and not to do so will land you in a world of trouble. The only reason liberals are against showing identifications at elections is because it lessens their guys chances of cheating in elections. Its not about being rich or poor, everyone carries ID, its about being truthful in who you are at election time. Look if the GOP were dishonest at election time, you damn would sure be hearing about it all the time.

The liberals call for a paper trail in elections has never been called for before, but then again, the libs haven't been in such a pinch as they are now, literally on the edge of total destruction, with Blacks fleeing the liberal plantation of intellectual slavery in droves, and the Hispanics not signing up to become democrats despite the wave of summer protest, the tidal wave of despair looms heavy on the liberals and the democrat party.

"Holt called the current [election] system "troublesome" and warned that "we are not ready for 2006." Well the liberals might not be ready, but the GOP damn sure is.

Liberals have to smear in campaigns, that's all they got. They have no issues to run on. Their polls are meaningless. Their attempts to shape public opinion via polling is meaningless. They continue to use an old, pre-internet, pre-90's political playbook, and they continue to believe their own polling numbers.

Screw the Godless libs!

That's nice, Dear.

So, I hear tell you have a tech job on campus. Cool. I know some tech guys (and gals), they're pretty nice people.

Say...where do you work, anyway? I would love to drop by and visit you the next time we're both on campus. We can have so much fun! Don't be shy, I'm a great conversationalist.

C'mon, whaddaya say? A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet...
Anonymity is like a warm blanket on a cold night.
Hey if you out this guy we won't have any entertainment left. This blog is a lot of fun, think about that. Peace out.
Interesting interpretation, Anon. I look at it more like a "Faces of Death" video, or a really crappy B-horror movie. Completely disturbing, yet I cannot look away. May God have Mercy on my Soul.
See you have to admit this thing is pretty captivating. If this ring gets closed, we won't have another one that is likely to be so good. Come on now. I need a break from my classes every now and then when I'm procrastinating.
I'm glad to provide a service to my lib friends.

As I've said before, instead of being the next Charles Whitman, I have this blog to vent.

I am an expert shot and I do carry on campus.
Hey Jesus dude. (Sorry your name is too long for my lazy fingers). Can I get a hug or something...I'm just not feeling very loved right now.
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