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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A Few Random Thoughts - XXXV

- Radical liberalism is much worse than anything Christian.

- Clinton was so pissed following Fox's Chris Wallace interview Der Schlick Meister threatened to fire his entire staff.

- With forty-something days to go until the election, gas prices are down, the Stock Market is near all-time highs, consumer confidence is up, unemployment is down, and liberals can't get racism charges to stick.

- How come the liberal media never shows any good news coming from Iraq or Afghanistan? Schools, roads, and hospitals are always being built, our soldiers are training their soldiers, and we hear nothing.

- There are no "honest" liberals.

- Abortion and liberal alternative lifestyles have played hell on the democrat parties future voting base. And liberals still try to blame the GOP.

If the liberals are stupid enough to run Hillary in 08. That will clinch it. They are going to have to find someone more pro business with more socially moderate views who can reach out to the middle. Otherwise they are doomed. "We hate" Bush is not going to work in '08. Doubt it will work in '06.
"Anonymity is like a warm blanket on a cold night." - UH Liberal Hater

Reeaally. Fascinating quote, I never knew you had such a philosophical side.

So lemme ask:

Is that to say in this cruel cold world of Islamo-Taxo-Spendo-Abortiono- Liberalo-Islamo-Facism, you aren't so much a guerilla-warrior-poet raging on the blog battlefield?

Do you feel more like a scared little peasant girl, hiding under a blanket when the stronger/smarter soldiers go by?

Do you feel so helpless and impotent in a world you cannot comprehend that you can only squeel out incoherent protests of paranoia and immature fear through your nice, warm blanket of anonymity?

I suppose it is better than being exposed to this cold, cruel, confusing world that us Grown-Ups live in. We usually don't have the luxury of hiding under our blankets, complaining and envying the adults and other kids. Screw them, we're better than those losers anyway.

Not to say we all don't have blankets, we just emerge from them to go into the Grown-Up World. Do you ever do that with your opinions? Do you talk to others in real life like you do on this blog?

Whether you do or you don't, one thing is obvious; you need help.

I promise you, UH Liberal Hater, I want to be your buddy. I wanna see what the little, frightened peasant girl is really like under her anonymity blanket, beyond her muffled screeching. Please help me help you. You are sick UH Liberal Hater, and you desperately need the antidote before your heart explodes from the blinding, repressed anger that poisons your mind and body like crack does with Bobby Brown. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Peace be with you, My Brother.
What exactly do you think you can do to solve the Hater's so called "problem"?
I'm not sick dudes. I'm just well-versed at getting under your skin.
-How come the liberal media doesn't show all the good things happening in muslim countries? how come it doesnt tout that iraq is in a civil war? oh wait it is, and whose fault is it? oh wait its ours.
- 'there are no honest liberals. with that logic, there arent any honest republicans either, aka Mark Foley the poster boy of alcoholism, take tom delay, the poster boy of corruption, or take your president george bush,who got c's in college, did cocaine, and he too was an alcoholic.

- if conservatives are religious, then why do they like killing iraqis/afghanis? shouldnt they be folliwing the tenets of christianity. giving more funds to the poor, taxing the rich, making corporations responsible for the environment.

let me guess what your response is?
uh liberal hater = oh yeah you al-qaeda loving liberal, you would love for us to be out of iraq cz you dont support our troops! screw the libs!
did i get it right or what
i love the fact that right wing christians loath abortion yet would be the first to get down the clinic when their uncle fucks their sister, hypocracy?!?
'im a christian but i actually dont love everyone in the world'
'no, i actually hate anyone who isnt just like me'
didnt god try to teach you we are all equal in his eyes and that loving your neighbour is a good thing
'well what god meant to say was...'
you people are unbelievable.
take your hitler-esque views, start a war, get some oil, ruin the planet, for what? to prove you are right?
your a bunch of fucking idiots
fuck off
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