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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Biblical Scholars Calculate for UN Nuclear Destruction This Month

The building is falling apart, but before it collapses on its own, biblical scholars have calculated that the UN building in NYC will undergo nuclear destruction this month.


And its in a Blue State too!!!


Screw the Godless libs!

You should do a story about exposing the sexual abuse of children purpetrated by those wonderful blue helmeted "peacekeepers" in africa. Here is a good start

Everytime an Iraqi prisoner gets told to behave himself we have a six month US military bashing parade by the liberal media. But this UN story about sex abuse from peacekeepres in the Congo got hushed up really quickly. Well what do you expect from the Dan Ratherites.
The UN has long outlived its usefullness just as the NAACP, and many other liberal organizations have.

The US has the right man as Ambassador to deal with those creeps, and its damn time that the US kick out the UN crowd and send it packing elsewhere.

At the very least, New York's parking problems will vastly decrease.

As to the UN peacekeepers and their sexual abuse in Africa. What do you expect when you send a spineless liberal organization into protect the innocent in Africa.

I would hope that Mr. Bolton and President Bush, or some enterprising reporter would bring the UN sex abuse charges up in national news conferences.
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