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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'A Kool-Aid Believer in liberalism' (Concerned about GOP using liberal speak as weapon in November)

All hail the great perpetual believer of liberalism, wacko David Salinas!

Just think, by this time next year al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas will probably be unemployed and thinking that he might have a shot at the local Burger King if he posts his political science degree on his application.

My God Salinas is a loon. In his tripe "Negative campaign unneeded," Salinas insist that the liberals are "poised to take control of the House and with an outside shot at the Senate." Obviously, Salinas hasn't been reading liberal rags lately that suggest that the democrat party is in trouble come November. Stories in the LA Times, NY Times, The Hill, the Philadelphia Inquirer and even a Zobgy poll shows Santorum surging in Pennsylvania. I suppose, when you drink too much kool-aid such as David has, he'll support the democrat party and its nullity where the buck stops down the hall and not in the Clinton oval orifice.

David Mohammed Salinas is worried that with time dwindling in the 2006 campaign "Republicans have pledged to spend millions "going negative," and that fully 90% of the fifty million dollar ad budget is to be spent "exclusively on negative ads."

Mohammed's claim that "one part of the coming negative blitz will deal with the preposterous notion that voting Democratic somehow weakens the security of this country." Mohammed who are you kidding man? UBL practically endorses the democrat party, and I still stand-by my claim that if the liberals ever regain power that we can expect a nuclear, biological, or dirty bomb within just a few years of them taking the reigns.

Let me ask you a question Mohammed. If you were in charge of our nation's security, would terrorism still be treated "as a law enforcement problem." Would terrorists be given an equal opportunity to kill innocent American kids or would you act in defense only after the fact.

Folks we can't trust David Mohammed Salinas to secure his own dorm room and personal effects, and he wants the liberals to be in charge of our national security.

Salinas is so desperate that he berates the ABC movie "The Path to 9/11," which displayed that the War on Terror in no way started on 9/11/2001, but that it was Clinton inaction (due to vane attempts to maintain his poll numbers) during the 1990's that emboldened the terrorists to actually go thru with attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Salinas chides Vice President Cheney, who ate Tim Russert's lunch on Meet the Press last Sunday. Now for someone who professes peace and liberalism, Salinas has an unyielding hate for Dick Cheney.

Salinas desperation continues with the Iranian-American and "Path to 9/11" writer Cyrus Nowrasteh, whom he calls "the radical right's less successful version of Michael Moore." Yes, while the Bush Administration can withstand the worthless "Fahrenheit 9/11", the Clinton Administration cannot withstand a 5-hr truthful mini-series about 1990's counterterrorism efforts.

David Salinas is so stupid, he writes "if you don't believe the film was intended to distort the truth, then explain why no changes were made to the film until former members of the Clinton administration got wind of the details."

Did President Bush call Michael Moore and demand "Fahrenheit 9/11" be changed? Yet Mohammed's eye-brows don't even get a rise when Bill Clinton calls Bob Iger over at ABC demanding that "The Path to 9/11" be cancelled entirely. That's how blind liberals are to the truth, they run and hide, and demand that things "get cancelled."

To David Mohammed Salinas liberalism is his religion and Bill Clinton is his God.

In Salinas' mind, Clinton can do no wrong. Liberals can do no wrong. If this were WWII Salinas would be a blind follower of Adolf Hitler in his bunker in Berlin, only realizing the errorof his ways when Hitler kills himself. And of course, that's too late. That's the path that the liberals and David Mohammed Salinas are leading us down -- the complete path to destruction just as Berlin was destroyed in WWII.

Mohammed's assertion that "this election cycle is the American public is not buying the argument that only Republicans can keep the country safe," is that -- just another lie. When the liberal media spreads complete negative coverage of war efforts, what do you expect from the uninformed public.

Mohammed tries to trick the UH weak minded student. He touts that some 41 democrat war veterans are running for office. Of course he doesn't mention that most if not all of those democrats are against US efforts in the War on Terror. He even found one female amputee in Illinois who is against the war and is running for office. I wouldn't trust democrat veteran candidates as far as I could thrown them.

GOP efforts in their campaign ads this November will be nothing more than Republicans using 'liberal speak' against the democrat party. But of course David Mohammed Salinas will call that negative. Yes, the crazy words of the liberals at their anti-war rallies, abortion events, etc, will be used against them, and the GOP will not say one thing.

David Mohammed Salinas desperation will grow as September rolls into November. The GOP will be accused of the most brutal crimes, the liberals will be hailed as saviors of the world, al-Qaeda will be welcomed as a friend, while American troops will be portrayed as the scourge of the Earth.

That's liberalism for you.

Screw the Godless libs!

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