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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Colin Ferguson 'Exposing More Government Secrets' (Proudly helping al-Qaeda get the upper hand)

I've maintainted that if the liberals ever regain power that we can expect some type of nuclear attack on American soil within 3-5 years. Now I'm begining to believe that even if the libs don't regain power, that just such an attack will still occur but with the help of the liberals themeselves. That's the resolve of those selfish people who want to have total power in this country.

Just as liberals (have seen themselves and) have been silent on the Mexican 2000 type elections with Felipe Calderon now declared the winner over the childish leftist liberal Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who actions as of late have all reminded us of Algore, liberals will do everything in their power to kill Conservative leadership. The only leadership capable of defeating and not appeasing terrorism.

Today's opinion page brings us another child. Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Colin K. Ferguson, who is afraid that the FBI might find out something about his financial background. Maybe, when he worked as a waitress at a gay bar, he might have not reported all his tip money. Who knows?

In his tripe today "FBI investigation should worry students," Colin Ferguson, UH's own Chicken Little, is trying to cause a little fuss over an FBI program trying to weed out terrorists in our liberal institutions. Evidently those FSFSA applications we fill out each year were being mined for data that might help the FBI find suspects under investigation. GOOD!

Why do liberals like Colin feel that every government secret needs to be exposed. Does he think that al-Qaeda doesn't watch al-CNN?
Ferguson quotes the FBI that "terrorists have exploited programs involving student visas and financial aid," and crticizes the FBI program Operation Strikeback, which was used to mine the Department of Education data.

What gets me, is that the FBI probably has never touch anyones records unless they were under suspicion and had an arabic sounding name.

No one really wants to see records of liberals, especially that of liberal journalist Laura McGann, who besides being mentioned in Ferguson's tripe today also refuses to shave her armpits.

It was McGann who "found the information on the FBI searches after seeing in a Government Accountability Office report that the Department of Education had been doing its share for the war on terror." McGann filed FOIA requests, did interviews, and received informaton on the program, which thankfully much much of the information was redacted, so that liberals like McGann couldn't inform al-Qaeda.

Of all the information collected by the FBI my guess would be less than one-percent of one-percent were actually pulled. Look, unless a terrorist is under investigation no government agency need not waist time and money looking at records randomly.

Ferguson's lack of concern for US government secrecy should dumbfound the UH weak minded student. His thinking that leaves "all students [applying for financial aid] to wonder if they were selected" is ridiculous.

Are liberals so arrogant to think that the government wants to know everything about them? My God, I don't want to know anything about stinking, leftist bent liberals. Especially when their every thought is the complete destruction of the American way.

While the US must leave no stone unturned in the hunt for terrorists in our midst, Ferguson is pissed that "the secretary of education is pushing for a new system that would allow the federal government to track college students throughout their entire academic careers with a comprehensive sort of transcript database called "unit records."" GOOD!

Ferguson just doesn't get it. His instance that the FBI "be forthright" with sensitive information that would give the terrorists heads-up on our plans is mindboggling.

Colin K. Ferguson, whose side are you on? Obviously, you would rather search old grandmas on airline flights than terrorists. You would want as many secret programs "outed" so that the terrorist can do something else to harm and evade authorities. Again, whose side are you on?

I hope that the FBI has has the good sense to continue the program under a different name to track student information, and that liberals like you never find out about it. Because if libs do find out -- al-Qaeda automatically knows.

Screw the Godless libs!

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