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Friday, August 04, 2006


Al-UT Daily Texan Columnist Brad Domangue 'A Stupid Liberal Who Believes That We Can Deal With People Who Want All Americans and Israelis DEAD'

Make a mental note. In the future when you need a lawyer, don't be looking for worthless UT wannbe lawyer Brad J. Domangue. One can hope that he does go with his "political journalism" dream since the liberal media is the one sector of the economy that is losing circulation and viewership at astounding rates. Or since his internship last year getting boinked by gay politicians he might even want to go into politics and spread the gay message.

What does Domangue know of war? Not a goddamned thing.

In his UT Daily Texan tripe today "The civility of a war already lost," Domangue fills us with his regurgitated liberal hogwash which is second, third, or even fourth hand, but the bottom line of Domangue's tripe today is that the US and Israel must understand the Hezbos and not defeat them, and don't dream of killing anyone in Southern Lebanon because they might be a so-called "innocent" civilian.

You know that Domangue is thinking appeasement all the way in dealing with terrorist. We must understand the terrorists. Why do they hate us? What did the United States do to provoke those peace loving people who want to kill us?

Brad, you see President Bush and Israel as more of a terrorist than al-Qaeda or Hezbollah. To Domangue, it is the United States fault that "the war in Iraq has killed an estimated 50,000 civilians." Of course the liberal Domangue won't tell you that Saddam Hussein killed hundreds of thousands more innocent civilians. That would ruin his argument.

And one thing Brad, prove that the United States killed those 50,000 civilians, which is a number that is just thrown out there for stupid liberals like Domangue to take as if they are trout coming across a bait on Baffin Bay. No questions asked as long as the US is the bad guy.

Domangue makes the Israelis look to be the bad guy in the current conflict against the Hezbos. The Hezbos started it. "The conflict in Lebanon has killed hundreds of innocent Lebanese." Again I say "prove that." The Hezbos don't wear uniforms, so how can a proper determination be made between innocent civilian and Hezbo.

Domangue never plays fair in his assertions. The Hezbos purposely put civilians in harms way with the placement of their armaments, and when those installations are attacked, the Hezbos have designed it for almost certain collateral civilian casualties. Yet, you will never read Domangue condemning the Hezbos for putting civilians in danger. You will never read Domangue condeming the Hezbos for firing on civilian areas and actually killing Israeli civilians. That's how ant-semitic Domangue is.

Domangue actually believes that it is possible to conduct a war without civilian casualties. He condemns Israel for Qana, but Domangue never questions the building collapse hours after the bombing or how a professionally done sign could be made literally minutes after the bombing condemning Israel's actions.

Domangue is totally bent left and virtually un-American when he writes "while America and Israel may win the battle on the ground, their actions have led to increased and more rapid recruitment in organizations that see the West and Israel as infidels deserving of destruction." To Domangue, it is always our fault.

Domangue is even more bent if he thinks that ""Collateral damage" simply means innocent mothers, fathers and children who are killed for the sake of our soldiers' safety." His "Rights for All" mentality loves to give American "rights" to enemy combatants who do not adhere to the Geneva Convention.

Domangue loves to understand people. I bet if a serial killed his Mother or a person special to him, Domangue would be stepping hand over fist to try and understand the killer and forget the memory of the person killed.

Domangue, who hates fetal life, probably doesn't care much more for Lebanese civilian life, but as long his position is against the United States and Israel, they hey, everythings OK.

It's stupid liberals like Brad J. Domangue that will invite an event in the future dozens of times worse than 9/11. The liberals appeasement, their quest for a lasting peace with islamo facists will only bring continued bloodshed in the future with many more American dead. How do Americans and Israelis appease terrorists -- Americans and Israelis die.

I say, let Israel FIGHT and WIN convincingly. No ceasefire. If the Hezbos were winning, would you think Berlin, Paris, the UN, and Tehran, would be called for a ceasefire.

Domangue's argument about the loss of innocent life does not hold water. If he showed the same concern for the loss of innocent Israeli civilians his argument might be slightly palatable, but his liberalism oozes an unyielding desire for the Hezbos to win over Israel, and the United States to have a failed policy in Iraq.

Screw the libs!

what should be do with this

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