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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Remembers Hurricane Katrina - Day 2

I'm out of town this a.m. for a funeral, so I am unable to retrieve a hardcopy of the al-UH Daily Cougar, but I have my computer with me and a wireless connection so I can always stay in touch and get needed information.

I was checking out Jong Soo Lee's sports story "Cougars prepare for first road game of '06: UH travels to Denton to face North Texas Mean Green and dangerous forward Heather Hutyra," and it was about mid-story before anyone reading could make any determination of what sport good 'ol Jong was talking about, and even then, you would still have to make an internet search or two to confirm it, since soccer is not even in the story.

Since I am a soccer fan and actually have a schedule, I knew that the Lady Cougs would be in Denton on Thursday, but the average al-DC reader would still be guessing "what is good 'ol Jong talking about?"

Next time, we can all hope that the al-DC Sports Editor Chris Elliott oversees good 'ol Jong so that he applies the five (5) W's (who, what, why, where, when) in his sports journalism, so the average al-DC reader won't have to waist their time guessing.

Screw the libs!

It said "soccer" above the headline in the hard copy.

Any thoughts on Denise's tripe today?
Yeah, that's the difference between UT and UH. When I was in Austin yesterday, I was able to read a pdf copy of The Daily Texan online.

But UH is not on the College Publisher Network like UT is online. http://cpsite.collegepublisher.com/join/index.html

I think the CPM would be good for UH and that is not just me talking.
a college publisher dc isn't too far away
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