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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Remembers Hurricane Katrina - Day 3 (Al-DC somehow compares Katrina disaster to Israel's target selection against Hezbos)

Only a female history major that hasn't seen or done crap in her life can put together some tripe that compares Hurricane Katrina and the Israeli conflict against the Hezbos.

In her tripe today Israel should learn from U.S. mistakes," Denise E. Hewitt takes time to belatedly mark "the first anniversary of the catastrophe that left the world watching helplessly as hundreds of thousands of people tried to escape the oncoming wrath of Hurricane Katrina," while at the same time Hewitt condemns Israel for protecting itself against islamo facism Hezbos.

What the hell would prompt this? Can she being seeing our good friend Adil Saleem, and wants to make a good impression by being a good anti-semite?

So what did Israel really do that pissed Hewitt off? Evidently, in the sick mind of Denise Hewitt the country that is defending itself from agression must evacuate all enemy non-combatants, especially those enemy non-combatants that are specifically designed to be enemy human shields, and when those human shield enemy non-combatants are killed they are to be paraded on international television. Since Israel did not do that, Hewitt is taking matters into her own hands, and making a fool of herself in the meantime.

My God, "School Bus" Nagin left over a thousand New Orleans school buses in their parking lots only to be flooded, instead of using those same school buses to evacuate the poor of New Orleans. No, Hewitt doesn't criticize "School Bus" Nagin and the liberal utopian leadership of New Orleans. Instead, Denise goes after the liberal, yes, liberal leadership of Israel, who in lieu of squashing the enemy Hezbos, have set themselves up for further war when the Hezbos are rearmed by Iran under the protection of the United Nations umbrella.

Hewitt's assessment of how Israel conducted themselves is pure poppycock. She writes "Israel chose to bomb almost exclusively civilian targets from airports to apartment buildings. They made the decision to take innocent human lives not as a force of nature but as a force of revenge," which of course is a crock. Where else was Israel suppose to bomb except where the enemy was.

Do the Hezbos even have an official uniform they wear in battle?

Hewitt swallows the Hezbo line about civilian casualities hook line and sinker as if she was servicing Lex Steele herself. Denise never criticizes the Hezbos firing of thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian targets, nor does she criticize the Hezbos for kidnapping Israeli soldiers, which started the conflict in the first place.

That's liberalism for you. It's unfortunate that in a few years, Denise E. Hewitt will be teaching our children in some form or fashion.

Hewitt you can write all about how Israel is the agressor, and how "there were no surgical strikes to take out selected high-value targets." Or that, "the same [Israeli] pamphlets that warned the Lebanese to evacuate warned that anyone traveling by pickup truck would be assumed to be transporting arms and fired upon."

Hewitt shows just how stupid liberalism is when she shows more concern for the death of Hezbo kids, when liberal Americans abort 4,000 fetuses per day, and over 2,300 American kids are killed in auto accidents per year. Hewitt's silence on those subjects is defining, but if the Israelis accidentally kill a few Hezbo human shield kids, she goes off the deep end.

Well Denise E. Hewitt, you unpatriotic slut, you've had your 15 minutes of fame to implant the seeds of Israel's so-called misdeeds into the minds of UH weak-minded students. Go back into your cubby hole and resume your meaningless liberal life.

Screw the libs!

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