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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Only GOP are Racists' (Does not comment on Hillary Clinton racist joke about Mahatma Gandhi)

Al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi was deeply saddened when the al-Qaeda UK terror plot to blow up planes bound for the US from the UK failed.

Rizvi was scheduled to participate in the chemical transport test on his return trip to Houston from London and report back to London as to its effectiveness. But alas he was forced to return empty tubed and now he feels a sense of dishonor. So UH Conservatives, watchout, there may be a suicide bomber in your midst this semester.

So who does Rizvi retaliate against because the Brits got his al-Qaeda crew? He goes off on Virginia GOP Sen. George Allen for his little "Macaca" comment, all the while knowing that his beloved Hillary Clinton can tell her little "Mahatma Gandhi" jokes and get away free as a liberal bird.

In his tripe today "Senator continues racist behavior," Rizvi details all the so-called racists history of Sen. Allen and praises the liberal American of Indian decent who was the cause of the comment, whom he calls just as American as Sen. Allen. I think not -- he's liberal isn't he, and probably holds India in higher regard than the United States, just after the religion of liberalism itself.

Look, we are all racist in some way. Sometimes things slip, but we should not be crucified for it. What I'm complaining about is the racism that liberals portray that is not reported in the liberal media.

For instance, an India Post commentary "Hillary Clinton's Gandhi 'Joke' is clearly racist," tells of Hillary Rodham Clinton equating Mahatma Gandhi to "working at a gas station in St. Louis," which is "clearly racist, stereotypical, as many South Asians do run gas stations in the US." "After Clinton made that sick remark there was laughter. Nobody from the Democratic group objected. Nobody frowned at Hillary Clinton. Nobody protested." And of course al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi looks the other way.

Liberal Sen. Joe Biden said in this past July, "you can't go into a 7-Eleven or into a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking." And of course, that wasn't widely reported, and not at all in the liberal media.

I won't even go into the Bryant Gumbel racial comments, but it quite clear that liberals are racist too.

Anyway, enough about race, let's give a big UH Welcome Back to Al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi. Yes, he loves America so much that he wants to kill every one of us all in the name of Islamo-facism. And Hasan is just doing his part by writing anti-American columns in liberal loving newspapers in the hopes of contributing to the future downfall of American society.

Screw the libs!

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