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Monday, August 28, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David McLard 'The Sky is Falling' (Please rally behind Al Gore to save the world)

We haven't been on campus two full weeks and already al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Lee McClard's has ruined his semester by actually believing Algore's slideshow "An Inconvenient Truth." And don't forget Algore's father voted AGAINST everything Civil Rights, so we know that Algore's whole life is based on a lie.

In his tripe today "And you thought Heidi Klum was hot," which probably wouldn't even get a gander if the name Heidi Klum wasn't in the title because you won't see her name in the article proper, McClard praises Algore for being bold to expose the horror of global warming.

Algore and McClard can spout all the tripe they want, but they will never herald the real cause of global warming. Hmm! I wonder what it can be? No, liberals will try and tell us man is the sole heir to the problem and scare us to death in order to get our votes and change the way we live.

McClard was careful not to blame anyone in his tripe today. Was man responsible for the Little Ice Age? McClard and Algore would probably say "yes." Man was alive wasn't he. To liberals, man is always to blame, and only government (liberal government mind you) can come in and solve the problem.

The Earth cleans herself. Following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the volcano sent more VOCs into the air at one time than man has ever created since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The Earth only cooled one-half degree.

Our best weather forecasters can't tell us the weather more than a week out, and you want me to believe Algore and his tripe on global warming. It's proven fact that the Earth warms and cools in cycles, but to put complete blame on man is totally ridiculous. In the Age of the Dinosaurs, the Earth's temperatures were 40% higher than they were today. I don't know what caused that, perhaps not enough volcanoes were erupting or not enough comets were pelting the Earth, so the atmosphere was much more clear letting in more sun, but that was solved 65 million years ago.

The cold scientific fact about Algore and David Lee McClard is that they are both full of crap.

Screw the libs!

If the Earth cleans itself, who's to say it's not ridding itself of humans to clean itself?

I'm just saying that maybe part of the cycle is extinction for certain creatures.

Would you agree that this is a possibility?
Humans are as natural as birds and reptiles.

Those species that go extinc are those that fail to adapt to changing conditions. Humans, to the unfortunate chagrin of the liberals, are able to adapt.

65 million years ago, besides the aligators, roaches, and a few other species, nobody else could adapt to Earth's changing conditions, and only a few survived.

72,000 years ago, when humanity almost died out due to a massive eruption of a caldera and nuclear winter, a lucky 9,000 or 10,000 humans were able to adapt and survive.

Even if we are all wiped out, some humans will survive.

I will not be placing my bets on liberals or those macaca of Katrina who will be looking to the government to help them.

New Orleans taught us that liberalism breeds uselessness and an ora of "we can't". No one saw leadership in the Black Community in the Superdome or Convention Center prior to the help arriving.

No one saw any organization or caring until help arrived, because those liberals were trained not to take the initiative.

No one organized in the bathrooms to keep them from shitting and pissing all over the place. No one organized to look for food and water and get it to the people that really needed it.

The liberals of New Orleans following Katrina failed to adapt. They wouldn't have been ready even if warned six months ahead because liberal utopian government would have got in the way.

For Christ sakes liberals -- help yourself. New Orleans literally looked like a failed African country in coup after all the whites had been run off. I was embarrassed for our country that the world had to see Americans in New Orleans at their worst and those libs gave up like any liberal is trained to do.
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