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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Advocate of Peace Thru Kumbaya in the Middle East' (He'll still be waiting for peace as a liberal old man)

All hail the great appeaser David Salinas!

Today al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas is hoping against hope in bringing together a group, the Hezbos, who among other things, have called for the complete annihilation of every Israeli man, woman, and child. On the other hand, the Israelis just want to be left to their land. They even label their forces as defensive in nature, while the Hezbos don't even wear uniforms, and the Israelis are seen as the bad guys.

I suppose Salinas is not a Jew or even a Mexican Jew, so when your side is losing, what do you do? You call for a ceasefire or make some gesture that calls for peace. In his tripe today "Violence not solution to conflict," David Mohammed Salinas writes that as a matter of genealogy that the Hezbos and Israel must cease hostilities because, hey, they're related.

This conflict has been going on for thousands of years, and its time to let them fight it out. Quite simply, if they don't fight it out, then there will never be peace. Of course Israel is the stronger power, and its up to them to simply ignore the impotent United Nations and anti-semitic world, and defeat Hezbollah decisively.

The Hezbos, if Israel ever agrees to a ceasefire, will simply rearm. Then in time, they will start again. Who can blame Israel? If we were threatened with the Hezbos, wouldn the United States appease? If a liberal were in the White House -- most definitely yes.

Salinas is so liberal that he refuses to label the Hezbos as a "terrorist organization." He refers to it as a "resistance movement." Mohammed gives the impression of being objective in his tripe but we know he sides with the Hezbos. He counts the dead knowing that any of the "509 civilians" that have been killed could be among the Hezbo ranks. Of course, who would know when the Hezbos don't where uniforms.

Israel is in a test, a test that the United States will soon have to start taking. By backing down to islamic facists with appeasement like the libs want, we will be forced to act when the islamic facists detonate a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb that really hurts US interest. When the terrorist go nuclear all this being nice and avoiding civilian casualties will be out the window.

Salinas' relying on Israel to bring peace is wrong. He doesn't fault the Hezbos for not accepting the US-Wimpy French cease fire offer, and now that the Wimpy French have surrendered to Arab resistance towards the offer, I don't a serious stoppage of fighting until the Hezbos are gone. Why should Israel pay the future price of innocent life lost due to a ceasefire today. Iran and its puppet army, the Hezbos, along with their friends in Europe and the UN only call for ceasefire because their guys are losing, and losing bad. A future fight with Iran in the future with nukes will be the price of appeasement today.

I still don't understand the flap about the casualties in war. We have more children hurt in shopping cart accidents in the US per year than all the US casualties in every war since after Vietnam plus the casualties in the Israel-Hezbo conflict. Libs are responsible for nearly a million abortions per year, yet they don't cry for that.

Liberals like David Salinas use death as a political tool. Do you really think that the American liberal personally cares a rats ass about any goddamn civilian in Lebanon. They might be facinated with the Hezbos liberal programs for the community, but we know the libs don't care about Israeli civilians. We can see that in the news coverage. But when Lebanese civilians are supposedly "murdered" by Israeli bombs at Qana, and the liberal press promoting fake photos to make the Israelis the bad guys, you have to wonder if the lib press aren't just another wing of the Hezbos.

Salinas' gullibility that "it's hard to think dropping bombs in Lebanon will solve anything" will keep him in a life of meaningless jobs and thoughts of tinkering with suicide in the future. There is only one way to end the Israeli-Hezbo conflict -- Israel must win for the true world.

A ceasefire is a worthless liberal way to peace. We saw that in Munich before WWII and in many other places. Appeasement simply does not work, and to think so will bring unimaginable consequences in the future that will make September 11th look like a drop in the bucket.

Mohammed's insistance that Israel "can't bomb their way to peace" is again bullcrap. WWII taught us that 'peace thru strength' is the only true course of action that Israel has to go. If Israel appeases the Hezbos, they sign their death warrant. If Israel listens to the liberals and the UN, they sign their death warrant. If Israel listens to David Mohammed Salinas, they sign their death warrant.

Screw the libs!

You suited up for another semester of lib sniping?
I am, but I hope that they are more reserved this semester.
Hey, question: what do you mean by cotton-picker? I've never heard it before, and according to Al-Google, it's a racist slur. Was that your meaning?
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