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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Remembers Hurricane Katrina - Day 3 (Al-DC somehow compares Katrina disaster to Israel's target selection against Hezbos)

Only a female history major that hasn't seen or done crap in her life can put together some tripe that compares Hurricane Katrina and the Israeli conflict against the Hezbos.

In her tripe today Israel should learn from U.S. mistakes," Denise E. Hewitt takes time to belatedly mark "the first anniversary of the catastrophe that left the world watching helplessly as hundreds of thousands of people tried to escape the oncoming wrath of Hurricane Katrina," while at the same time Hewitt condemns Israel for protecting itself against islamo facism Hezbos.

What the hell would prompt this? Can she being seeing our good friend Adil Saleem, and wants to make a good impression by being a good anti-semite?

So what did Israel really do that pissed Hewitt off? Evidently, in the sick mind of Denise Hewitt the country that is defending itself from agression must evacuate all enemy non-combatants, especially those enemy non-combatants that are specifically designed to be enemy human shields, and when those human shield enemy non-combatants are killed they are to be paraded on international television. Since Israel did not do that, Hewitt is taking matters into her own hands, and making a fool of herself in the meantime.

My God, "School Bus" Nagin left over a thousand New Orleans school buses in their parking lots only to be flooded, instead of using those same school buses to evacuate the poor of New Orleans. No, Hewitt doesn't criticize "School Bus" Nagin and the liberal utopian leadership of New Orleans. Instead, Denise goes after the liberal, yes, liberal leadership of Israel, who in lieu of squashing the enemy Hezbos, have set themselves up for further war when the Hezbos are rearmed by Iran under the protection of the United Nations umbrella.

Hewitt's assessment of how Israel conducted themselves is pure poppycock. She writes "Israel chose to bomb almost exclusively civilian targets from airports to apartment buildings. They made the decision to take innocent human lives not as a force of nature but as a force of revenge," which of course is a crock. Where else was Israel suppose to bomb except where the enemy was.

Do the Hezbos even have an official uniform they wear in battle?

Hewitt swallows the Hezbo line about civilian casualities hook line and sinker as if she was servicing Lex Steele herself. Denise never criticizes the Hezbos firing of thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian targets, nor does she criticize the Hezbos for kidnapping Israeli soldiers, which started the conflict in the first place.

That's liberalism for you. It's unfortunate that in a few years, Denise E. Hewitt will be teaching our children in some form or fashion.

Hewitt you can write all about how Israel is the agressor, and how "there were no surgical strikes to take out selected high-value targets." Or that, "the same [Israeli] pamphlets that warned the Lebanese to evacuate warned that anyone traveling by pickup truck would be assumed to be transporting arms and fired upon."

Hewitt shows just how stupid liberalism is when she shows more concern for the death of Hezbo kids, when liberal Americans abort 4,000 fetuses per day, and over 2,300 American kids are killed in auto accidents per year. Hewitt's silence on those subjects is defining, but if the Israelis accidentally kill a few Hezbo human shield kids, she goes off the deep end.

Well Denise E. Hewitt, you unpatriotic slut, you've had your 15 minutes of fame to implant the seeds of Israel's so-called misdeeds into the minds of UH weak-minded students. Go back into your cubby hole and resume your meaningless liberal life.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Remembers Hurricane Katrina - Day 2

I'm out of town this a.m. for a funeral, so I am unable to retrieve a hardcopy of the al-UH Daily Cougar, but I have my computer with me and a wireless connection so I can always stay in touch and get needed information.

I was checking out Jong Soo Lee's sports story "Cougars prepare for first road game of '06: UH travels to Denton to face North Texas Mean Green and dangerous forward Heather Hutyra," and it was about mid-story before anyone reading could make any determination of what sport good 'ol Jong was talking about, and even then, you would still have to make an internet search or two to confirm it, since soccer is not even in the story.

Since I am a soccer fan and actually have a schedule, I knew that the Lady Cougs would be in Denton on Thursday, but the average al-DC reader would still be guessing "what is good 'ol Jong talking about?"

Next time, we can all hope that the al-DC Sports Editor Chris Elliott oversees good 'ol Jong so that he applies the five (5) W's (who, what, why, where, when) in his sports journalism, so the average al-DC reader won't have to waist their time guessing.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Remembers Hurricane Katrina

Monday, August 28, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David McLard 'The Sky is Falling' (Please rally behind Al Gore to save the world)

We haven't been on campus two full weeks and already al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Lee McClard's has ruined his semester by actually believing Algore's slideshow "An Inconvenient Truth." And don't forget Algore's father voted AGAINST everything Civil Rights, so we know that Algore's whole life is based on a lie.

In his tripe today "And you thought Heidi Klum was hot," which probably wouldn't even get a gander if the name Heidi Klum wasn't in the title because you won't see her name in the article proper, McClard praises Algore for being bold to expose the horror of global warming.

Algore and McClard can spout all the tripe they want, but they will never herald the real cause of global warming. Hmm! I wonder what it can be? No, liberals will try and tell us man is the sole heir to the problem and scare us to death in order to get our votes and change the way we live.

McClard was careful not to blame anyone in his tripe today. Was man responsible for the Little Ice Age? McClard and Algore would probably say "yes." Man was alive wasn't he. To liberals, man is always to blame, and only government (liberal government mind you) can come in and solve the problem.

The Earth cleans herself. Following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the volcano sent more VOCs into the air at one time than man has ever created since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The Earth only cooled one-half degree.

Our best weather forecasters can't tell us the weather more than a week out, and you want me to believe Algore and his tripe on global warming. It's proven fact that the Earth warms and cools in cycles, but to put complete blame on man is totally ridiculous. In the Age of the Dinosaurs, the Earth's temperatures were 40% higher than they were today. I don't know what caused that, perhaps not enough volcanoes were erupting or not enough comets were pelting the Earth, so the atmosphere was much more clear letting in more sun, but that was solved 65 million years ago.

The cold scientific fact about Algore and David Lee McClard is that they are both full of crap.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David McLard 'It's OK to Search Airline Passengers' (As long as terrorists aren't offended)

At first glance looking at al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Lee McClard's tripe today "Defending country requires effort," you might get the sense that he is serious about defending the country against the next al-Qaeda attack.

Well he is -- until a potential terrorist gets offended.

McClard relays how we have all heard of the new stepped up security measures due to "foiled terrorist plot in Britain," and how "cookies and ballpoint pens" are being confiscated, "babies being frisked and Bibles being forced into overstuffed luggage."

Those measures may sound extreme, but hell we are at war. At war with peaceful religious people who just want to kill all US infidel's -- liberals included.

McClard chides President Bush for taking "credit for stymieing potential harm to our nation," while praising al-Qaeda as "an enemy that thinks in terms of decades," knowing full well that American liberals want the public to forget 9/11 and get back to a pre-9/11 mentality, so that liberals can retake the House and Senate in the November elections.

McClard quotes author Ron Suskind, who is no friend of the White House, as saying we must not compromises on "those things that make us distinctive as a democracy and distinctive in terms of the long human pageant." In other words, no racial profiling. As for McClard, terrorists must be given an equal opportunity in America to strike against us at any time or place that they wish. It is after all -- the liberal (or progressive) thing to do.

McClard continues that "Homeland Security Chairman Peter King said airport screeners should put political correctness aside and investigate all Middle Eastern and South Asian people outright. He said they were consistently the ones who hijacked planes, so they should be singled out."

Of course McClard violently objects, stating "this flies in the face of the pillars of our society: freedom, equality and legitimate law enforcement," and is against the objective of the American Left to a pre-9/11 mentality and allow our country to be further invaded by these non-infedels.

I'm sorry David Lee, what would you rather have -- downtown Houston and UH unihabital for years because of a dirty nuclear bomb, or some "foreigners with dark skin" profiled. Look Israel's El Al Airline has been profiling for years and they have yet to have an incident.

Profiling is a sad fact, but it must be done. It must be done for the survival of our children, and our country. All this politically correct BS is flying in the face of reality, and we will sooner or later be burned, and be burned bad. Hell, I'm still amazed we are still letting muslims into this country. It is a price that Europe is now paying, and sooner or later, we will have to step up to the checkout counter.

Muslims are unyielding in their religion, and if they hate us so, why do they even come here. On top of that, liberals clamp on to islam as a religious savior when they disregard Christianity as worthless. I thought liberals considered all religion worthless, except the church of liberalism itself.

McClard dream of "offense proof" screening measure such as walk-through X-ray machines a long off, and utopian ideas "hygienic cavity searches" by physicians on-hand and that "convenient searches would take place in curtained cubicles much like the ones already used at airports but would be more spacious" are long off or may never materialize. That's liberal thinking for you.

Incredibly, David Lee McClard oozes his liberal thoughts when he writes "the greatest threat to any flight is the very consciousness of a would-be terrorist. Acting on this core threat, security officials should put in place a comprehensive sedation measure to ensure that, even granted boarding, a would-be terrorist would not be conscious for the flight itself." Why the hell would liberals even think of letting the "would-be terrorist" on board in the first place, much less sediating the guy.

Wouldn't that take away the "would-be terrorist" liberal civil rights? After all it "flies in the face of the pillars of our society: freedom, equality and legitimate law enforcement?"

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Only GOP are Racists' (Does not comment on Hillary Clinton racist joke about Mahatma Gandhi)

Al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi was deeply saddened when the al-Qaeda UK terror plot to blow up planes bound for the US from the UK failed.

Rizvi was scheduled to participate in the chemical transport test on his return trip to Houston from London and report back to London as to its effectiveness. But alas he was forced to return empty tubed and now he feels a sense of dishonor. So UH Conservatives, watchout, there may be a suicide bomber in your midst this semester.

So who does Rizvi retaliate against because the Brits got his al-Qaeda crew? He goes off on Virginia GOP Sen. George Allen for his little "Macaca" comment, all the while knowing that his beloved Hillary Clinton can tell her little "Mahatma Gandhi" jokes and get away free as a liberal bird.

In his tripe today "Senator continues racist behavior," Rizvi details all the so-called racists history of Sen. Allen and praises the liberal American of Indian decent who was the cause of the comment, whom he calls just as American as Sen. Allen. I think not -- he's liberal isn't he, and probably holds India in higher regard than the United States, just after the religion of liberalism itself.

Look, we are all racist in some way. Sometimes things slip, but we should not be crucified for it. What I'm complaining about is the racism that liberals portray that is not reported in the liberal media.

For instance, an India Post commentary "Hillary Clinton's Gandhi 'Joke' is clearly racist," tells of Hillary Rodham Clinton equating Mahatma Gandhi to "working at a gas station in St. Louis," which is "clearly racist, stereotypical, as many South Asians do run gas stations in the US." "After Clinton made that sick remark there was laughter. Nobody from the Democratic group objected. Nobody frowned at Hillary Clinton. Nobody protested." And of course al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi looks the other way.

Liberal Sen. Joe Biden said in this past July, "you can't go into a 7-Eleven or into a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking." And of course, that wasn't widely reported, and not at all in the liberal media.

I won't even go into the Bryant Gumbel racial comments, but it quite clear that liberals are racist too.

Anyway, enough about race, let's give a big UH Welcome Back to Al-UH Daily Cougar Macaca Columnist Hasan Rizvi. Yes, he loves America so much that he wants to kill every one of us all in the name of Islamo-facism. And Hasan is just doing his part by writing anti-American columns in liberal loving newspapers in the hopes of contributing to the future downfall of American society.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Loves Al Gore' (Big believer in "An Inconvenient Truth")

All hail the great enviromentalist wacko David Salinas!

On Monday al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas puts on his defense of "the boring" Al Gore in a seperate color section and complete waist of trees and UH funds.

In his tripe "Amatuer video lacks truth," David Mohammed Salinas complains about someone or group that makes fun of Algore's stupid so-called documentary "An Inconvenient Truth".

Salinas, when has Algore ever been taken seriously? In his environmentalist wacko book, I cannot even remember the name, "Earth in the learch" or something, Algore had not one reference to back his alarmist assertions in regards to the environment. Once again I'm inclined to believe that his stupid movie will do nothing but be refixed with the drug of being environmentally scared to death.

Salinas wants us to go to alternative fuels immediately. How stupid can that be? It will be decades before alternative fuels for transporation will be economical to cause a shift from fossil fuels. We have hundreds of years of fossil fuels left, and can you believe it, our air is cleaner than it was 50 years ago.

Mohammed's tripe on Monday tries to trick people prematurely away from fossil fuels. But we can't afford it right now. We will in the future as soon as more rich people buy these things, and scientist are given incentive to invent better technology, but even the rich people are shying away from the current alternative fuels for transport.

Anyone with a brain knows that the market (the people who buy things) set the trends. We went from walking to horse and buggy, and horse and buggy to the fossil fueled car. That did not happen over night. It took multiple decades, and even the horse and buggy is still in use today in Pennsylvania.

I worry about the future. The liberal caused high gas prices is slowly taking its toll. Six Flags just announced the closing or selling of at least six sites around the nation, Spring's 'SplashTown' included. Business was down 14%, because people are staying closer to home due to high gas prices. People are slowly speeding what they would have saved for retirement just to pay for higher gas and live today.

I desperately want to take my family to the Grand Canyon in my motorhome, but I had to settle for Baffin Bay (south of Corpus Christi) this year for a fishing trip to a boat house. Our dependence on foreign oil is killing us. WE NEED TO DRILL IN ANWR, off Florida, and along all of our shores. We need liberals to allow for windfarms in their own backyards, but as with fat liberal Senator Kennedy, he won't allow windfarms near his house. (See, with liberals, only other people are to follow their laws).

Salinas is just another one of those liberals who say one thing and do the other. He can't afford the more expensive hybrid car, but he'll write that you should get one. He blames the death of the electric car on a lawsuit, never once checking to see if the market wanted electric cars, which it didn't.

Oh the pouter David Salinas. He has to be jumping up and down saying "why don't stupid people buy hybrids?" This stupid guy doesn't celebrate how far we have come from the polluters of the past. He doesn't realize that we need time to breath before the next step. But Salinas, like a little kid wants it now, now, now.

Mohammed doesn't realize that oil companies are out to make money. He's probably like other liberals, jealous that they have money and he doesn't. The oil companies are not stupid. They are working towards the day when gasoline will not power cars, but they will still aim to make their profits, which fuels our economy.

Our best bet for our energy future should be aimed at being oil independent from the rest of the world. We should be drilling for oil all over our own backyard. We had our chance ten years ago when Der Schlick Meister vetoed drilling in ANWR. Of course with energy indepedence, we should also be looking towards the future with alternative fuels, which will wean us off fossil fuels as the market deems so.

What liberals don't get is that there may not be a general market acceptance of alternatively fueled vehicles for 30 or 40 years. But if we get a plan now, maybe we can be like Brazil and be energy independent, just as they planned some 35 years ago.

If the oil companies listened to the liberals our economy would greatly suffer. If the oil companies listened to David Mohammed Salinas, they would totally collapse.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Advocate of Peace Thru Kumbaya in the Middle East' (He'll still be waiting for peace as a liberal old man)

All hail the great appeaser David Salinas!

Today al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Mohammed Salinas is hoping against hope in bringing together a group, the Hezbos, who among other things, have called for the complete annihilation of every Israeli man, woman, and child. On the other hand, the Israelis just want to be left to their land. They even label their forces as defensive in nature, while the Hezbos don't even wear uniforms, and the Israelis are seen as the bad guys.

I suppose Salinas is not a Jew or even a Mexican Jew, so when your side is losing, what do you do? You call for a ceasefire or make some gesture that calls for peace. In his tripe today "Violence not solution to conflict," David Mohammed Salinas writes that as a matter of genealogy that the Hezbos and Israel must cease hostilities because, hey, they're related.

This conflict has been going on for thousands of years, and its time to let them fight it out. Quite simply, if they don't fight it out, then there will never be peace. Of course Israel is the stronger power, and its up to them to simply ignore the impotent United Nations and anti-semitic world, and defeat Hezbollah decisively.

The Hezbos, if Israel ever agrees to a ceasefire, will simply rearm. Then in time, they will start again. Who can blame Israel? If we were threatened with the Hezbos, wouldn the United States appease? If a liberal were in the White House -- most definitely yes.

Salinas is so liberal that he refuses to label the Hezbos as a "terrorist organization." He refers to it as a "resistance movement." Mohammed gives the impression of being objective in his tripe but we know he sides with the Hezbos. He counts the dead knowing that any of the "509 civilians" that have been killed could be among the Hezbo ranks. Of course, who would know when the Hezbos don't where uniforms.

Israel is in a test, a test that the United States will soon have to start taking. By backing down to islamic facists with appeasement like the libs want, we will be forced to act when the islamic facists detonate a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb that really hurts US interest. When the terrorist go nuclear all this being nice and avoiding civilian casualties will be out the window.

Salinas' relying on Israel to bring peace is wrong. He doesn't fault the Hezbos for not accepting the US-Wimpy French cease fire offer, and now that the Wimpy French have surrendered to Arab resistance towards the offer, I don't a serious stoppage of fighting until the Hezbos are gone. Why should Israel pay the future price of innocent life lost due to a ceasefire today. Iran and its puppet army, the Hezbos, along with their friends in Europe and the UN only call for ceasefire because their guys are losing, and losing bad. A future fight with Iran in the future with nukes will be the price of appeasement today.

I still don't understand the flap about the casualties in war. We have more children hurt in shopping cart accidents in the US per year than all the US casualties in every war since after Vietnam plus the casualties in the Israel-Hezbo conflict. Libs are responsible for nearly a million abortions per year, yet they don't cry for that.

Liberals like David Salinas use death as a political tool. Do you really think that the American liberal personally cares a rats ass about any goddamn civilian in Lebanon. They might be facinated with the Hezbos liberal programs for the community, but we know the libs don't care about Israeli civilians. We can see that in the news coverage. But when Lebanese civilians are supposedly "murdered" by Israeli bombs at Qana, and the liberal press promoting fake photos to make the Israelis the bad guys, you have to wonder if the lib press aren't just another wing of the Hezbos.

Salinas' gullibility that "it's hard to think dropping bombs in Lebanon will solve anything" will keep him in a life of meaningless jobs and thoughts of tinkering with suicide in the future. There is only one way to end the Israeli-Hezbo conflict -- Israel must win for the true world.

A ceasefire is a worthless liberal way to peace. We saw that in Munich before WWII and in many other places. Appeasement simply does not work, and to think so will bring unimaginable consequences in the future that will make September 11th look like a drop in the bucket.

Mohammed's insistance that Israel "can't bomb their way to peace" is again bullcrap. WWII taught us that 'peace thru strength' is the only true course of action that Israel has to go. If Israel appeases the Hezbos, they sign their death warrant. If Israel listens to the liberals and the UN, they sign their death warrant. If Israel listens to David Mohammed Salinas, they sign their death warrant.

Screw the libs!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Al-UT Daily Texan Columnist Brad Domangue 'A Stupid Liberal Who Believes That We Can Deal With People Who Want All Americans and Israelis DEAD'

Make a mental note. In the future when you need a lawyer, don't be looking for worthless UT wannbe lawyer Brad J. Domangue. One can hope that he does go with his "political journalism" dream since the liberal media is the one sector of the economy that is losing circulation and viewership at astounding rates. Or since his internship last year getting boinked by gay politicians he might even want to go into politics and spread the gay message.

What does Domangue know of war? Not a goddamned thing.

In his UT Daily Texan tripe today "The civility of a war already lost," Domangue fills us with his regurgitated liberal hogwash which is second, third, or even fourth hand, but the bottom line of Domangue's tripe today is that the US and Israel must understand the Hezbos and not defeat them, and don't dream of killing anyone in Southern Lebanon because they might be a so-called "innocent" civilian.

You know that Domangue is thinking appeasement all the way in dealing with terrorist. We must understand the terrorists. Why do they hate us? What did the United States do to provoke those peace loving people who want to kill us?

Brad, you see President Bush and Israel as more of a terrorist than al-Qaeda or Hezbollah. To Domangue, it is the United States fault that "the war in Iraq has killed an estimated 50,000 civilians." Of course the liberal Domangue won't tell you that Saddam Hussein killed hundreds of thousands more innocent civilians. That would ruin his argument.

And one thing Brad, prove that the United States killed those 50,000 civilians, which is a number that is just thrown out there for stupid liberals like Domangue to take as if they are trout coming across a bait on Baffin Bay. No questions asked as long as the US is the bad guy.

Domangue makes the Israelis look to be the bad guy in the current conflict against the Hezbos. The Hezbos started it. "The conflict in Lebanon has killed hundreds of innocent Lebanese." Again I say "prove that." The Hezbos don't wear uniforms, so how can a proper determination be made between innocent civilian and Hezbo.

Domangue never plays fair in his assertions. The Hezbos purposely put civilians in harms way with the placement of their armaments, and when those installations are attacked, the Hezbos have designed it for almost certain collateral civilian casualties. Yet, you will never read Domangue condemning the Hezbos for putting civilians in danger. You will never read Domangue condeming the Hezbos for firing on civilian areas and actually killing Israeli civilians. That's how ant-semitic Domangue is.

Domangue actually believes that it is possible to conduct a war without civilian casualties. He condemns Israel for Qana, but Domangue never questions the building collapse hours after the bombing or how a professionally done sign could be made literally minutes after the bombing condemning Israel's actions.

Domangue is totally bent left and virtually un-American when he writes "while America and Israel may win the battle on the ground, their actions have led to increased and more rapid recruitment in organizations that see the West and Israel as infidels deserving of destruction." To Domangue, it is always our fault.

Domangue is even more bent if he thinks that ""Collateral damage" simply means innocent mothers, fathers and children who are killed for the sake of our soldiers' safety." His "Rights for All" mentality loves to give American "rights" to enemy combatants who do not adhere to the Geneva Convention.

Domangue loves to understand people. I bet if a serial killed his Mother or a person special to him, Domangue would be stepping hand over fist to try and understand the killer and forget the memory of the person killed.

Domangue, who hates fetal life, probably doesn't care much more for Lebanese civilian life, but as long his position is against the United States and Israel, they hey, everythings OK.

It's stupid liberals like Brad J. Domangue that will invite an event in the future dozens of times worse than 9/11. The liberals appeasement, their quest for a lasting peace with islamo facists will only bring continued bloodshed in the future with many more American dead. How do Americans and Israelis appease terrorists -- Americans and Israelis die.

I say, let Israel FIGHT and WIN convincingly. No ceasefire. If the Hezbos were winning, would you think Berlin, Paris, the UN, and Tehran, would be called for a ceasefire.

Domangue's argument about the loss of innocent life does not hold water. If he showed the same concern for the loss of innocent Israeli civilians his argument might be slightly palatable, but his liberalism oozes an unyielding desire for the Hezbos to win over Israel, and the United States to have a failed policy in Iraq.

Screw the libs!

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