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Monday, July 31, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Drive-By Media Coverage of Hezbo-Israel Conflict A Joke' (Hezbos kill their own people and blame Israel)

John Kerry said that if he were President that the Hezbo-Israel conflict would not have happened? Are you kidding? Next thing you know he'll be claiming that he could have stopped global warming.

Leftist America believes that Israel knocked down the building that it bombed killing dozens of women and children in Qana, Lebanon, but the building didn't go down until over seven to eight hours after the bomb was dropped. Five will get you ten that the Hezbo's finished the job to get public support from the anti-semitic world.

Isn't it interesting that only women and children were killed? Where were the men? Handling the nearby artillery pieces, or wiring the building for explosives to bring down the building killing all those left inside. Hell, where is the grieve in the rescue workers? Not one rescue worker looked to show any concern while holding up the babies for the anti-semitic press to capture on film.

The Hezbo's really killed those people. They paraded those dead children just as if the liberals were at the funeral of Corretta Scott King or Paul Wellstone's Memorial. The Hezbo's purposely put artillery pieces near populated buildings in hope of getting sympathetic press such as we have been seeing with dead Hezbo children.

The Hezbo's would rather see their own dead kids than dead Israeli kids on TV. The world anti-semitic press eats up dead Hezbo kids because it makes Israel and President Bush look bad. The libs believe that casualties should be 1-for-1, which is outrageous. In WWII, US combat deaths in the Pacific were 1 dead for approx. 22 Japanese dead. And the Japs were the fanatics back then just as the enemy today is. The Hezbos all need to be killed.

When have the Hezbos been condemned in this whole conflict? They have shot almost two thousand missiles into Israel and the world press is behind their cause 100%. I believe that Israel should continue to fight with valor and say "screw you" to the anti-semitic world.

Any "cease-fire" attempt will just continue to prolong the conflict anyway. Israel should go at the Hezbos full-throttle, with no regrets. A lasting peace will not be obtained until either the Hezbos or Israel are dead. That will also include many Lebanese civilians as well when Israel is truly forced to go into Lebanon.

Win or Lose, Israel will never be seen in a fair light by the anti-semitic press. One can only imagine the hate towards Israel that is going to be spewed in a few weeks by al-WIN and the al-UH Daily Cougar who will undoubtedly support the underdog Hezbos. The same Hezbos that want to see every Israeli man, woman, and child -- dead.

Screw the libs!

Never forget the Lavon Affair, USS liberty, Jonathan Pollard, King David Hotel, countless spying scandals, etc
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