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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddy Cartoon 'Never Will Support US in War' (They will never support us even if we have a two 9/11's in a row)

I will never know why when liberals make jokes about Blacks, Hispanics, even Indian Asians, but they do, and they get away with it at will. They will get theirs someday God willing.

The al-UH Daily Cougar editorial cartoon doesn't get it as usual. Not everyone can enlist. In fact, the military doesn't want just anyone. They get the best they can get, and since I haven't heard of any stories recently of any missed military enlistment quotas then I believe they are getting enough.

The military doesn't want limp wristed liberals like the guy on the left in today's cartoon. There will never be another draft, that I can be certain about. It would be a waist of money to train liberals who don't want to be there, and would not try to serve properly if they were to be trained. I appreciate those who show support for the troops. In my book, as long as you don't speak ill of the troops or our foreign policy, you don't have to enlist to show patriotism.

As as combat vet I wouldn't want a liberal in the foxhole next to me, and if I did have one I would frag them myself. I only ask that citizens show some support for our military. We now have several generations of people who have not suffered like the World War II generation suffered.

The World War II generation for a time were really in doubt of their future freedoms. The sweat of the WWII generation gave rise to the waist of the 1960s generation, a generation mostly of scared and wimpy liberals less the brave men and women who served their country and those that actually supported the military during Vietnam.

Now those wimpy 1960s liberals have their children and grandchildren hating the US during wartime. Liberals are those impatient people who would call a ten minute wait on hold a "quagmire," and will never be supportive of President Bush much less the military in any military situation no matter how long it takes or if we were forced to fight.

The democratic party, I believe will continue to suffer greatly in the upcoming elections. The shallow liberal media will continue to lose viewers and circulation simply because of their continued negative attitude towards the US. Readers and viewers are tired of the US being seen as the bad guy.

The liberal media mourned Zarqawi with reverence and spat on Ken Lay, not even acknowledging any good Lay did before the scandal. They see the corrupt UN in an even brighter light than the do nothing democratic congress. The libs wake up with the intention "how can we fool them today."

Seeing as the lib media will never support a US victory against terror to keep our country sound, we need to do what the Mexican druglords to do reporters in Mexico -- kill them.

Screw the libs!

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