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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Won't admit that Adult Stem Cells Work' (Supports embryonic stem cells because it resembles abortion)

Yesterday al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas was hoping against hope that the President would do what he wanted in signing embryonic stem cell into law.

Today, Salinas has to be disappointed since President Bush has finally presented his VETO pen and dashed David's hopes, but I would support embryonic stem cell, just as I would support abortion if only liberal women were involved.

In his tripe today "Support, give life to stem cell bill," David Salinas is softly trying to nudge President Bush to sign the bill that would allow for the destruction of innocent human life, while liberal democrats continue their fight for the protection of guilty human life that has killed innocent human life, whether it be by abortion or by murder.

As far as I know their has been no clinical trials on embryonic stem cells. So what is the big deal. I've seen breakthrough after breakthrough with adult stem cells. But wth embryonic stem cells its equivalent to killing human life with no promises as to performance. We know some other country is going to try working embryonic stem cell, and well, let it rest with them -- not with the US.

Salinas is correct that "embryonic stem cells used today derive from left over embryos that developed in eggs that had been fertilized" and "clinics produce more than one embryo because they need to find the right ones to implant, []excess embryos are either discarded or frozen and then discarded at a later date." So what is wrong with that? Incrementalism.

Liberals always start out small with their ideas. First, we had smoking areas, then smoke free floors, buildings, zones and soon we will have whole smoke free towns. In fact, at least one US is talking about banning smoking in its citizens homes. So I ask again, if an embryonic stem cell program is allowed to start, then when will it stop?

Salinas is weak in his reasoning that "if stem cell research is immoral, then aren’t fertility clinics worse?" Of courses that is bull crap. At least fertility clinics create life and not take life intentionally. I have nieces and nephews today because of fertility clinics.

I don't want to see any discarded embryos, but fertilization services are very expensive, and I would like to see a law that would not call for the destruction of embroyos. Of course that would make the services even more expensive resulting in more trips to the clinic, and that more than likely will not happen.

You know, Salinas piece yesterday is a continuation of his hatred for President Bush. One can smell that David will be soon be writing pro-Hezbollah articles while the al-UH Daily Cougar while the propping up Sheik Hassan Nasrallah as being a pillar of the jihad community.

Screw the libs!

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