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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Al-Houston Chronicle Reposts al-AP Article 'al-Qaeda now gets Geneva protections' (Will al-Qaeda reciprocate -- fat chance)

The Al-Houston Chronicle is reporting, sorry, reposting an al-AP article "Guantanamo detainees get Geneva protections," which came in response to the leftist Supremes decision to make the war harder for the US to win.

"The Bush administration said today that all detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in U.S. military custody everywhere are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions," but Tony Snow did not say that they expect al-Qaeda to reciprocate humane treatment of American soldiers by extending Geneva protections, seeing as al-Qaeda recently multilated and practically play "ping pong" with one of the American soldiers eyes, according to one e-mail I received.

The leftist Supremes, who struck down military tribunals, "because they did not obey international law and had not been authorized by Congress," plus they have seemed to forget that we are at war with a determined enemy who will fight to the death.

Personally, I think that giving al-Qaeda rights is a bad move. The al-Qaeda handbook is designed to take advantage of every liberal we have, just as a drug addict claims they are sober to a liberal and wanting to believe gullible social worker. Do you think al-Qaeda actually cares about the Geneva Convention? Hell NO.

If FDR were in charge, we would have kicked out all suspect Arabs by now or at least rounded them up into camps. Arab students on visas would have been sent home, and any Arab American that steps out of line, would have been jailed.

Did the Japanese afford US POWs Geneva protections in WWII? I don't see any difference between a fanatical Jap and a fantatical Islamo facists. They simply need to be killed.

The liberal media takes every chance to bash Bush. For instance the Supreme Court let down of American security was seen as a "big defeat" for the President by the liberals, but the stopping of the NY tunnel bombers was not even mentioned as a "win" for the President. It is obvious that people can see the difference, and that's why the media is the only losing sector of the American economy.

In addition, the reporting of murderous "American soldiers" is making liberals salivate so that at a later date they can label all soldiers as "murderers" and demand a complete and immediate withdrawal.

Just like in Vietnam, the liberals today are playing into the hands of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda knows their "American" rights. They know to claim abuse, and when they claim abuse that the liberals will automatically believe it because of their hate for American troops and foreign policy.

I have no doubt that all U.S. detainees at Club Gitmo have been treated humanely. But the liberals never question the inhumane treatment of captured Americans by al-Qaeda. No that stuff is neatly tucked away lying in wait of American offenses to make the headlines. My God, the leftist father of Nick Berg who was beheaded by al-Qaeda calls the United States "murderers." How insane is that?

Both Michael Berg and Mother Sheehan are nutcases for souring the memory of their son's service to the country. Their sons believed in America enough to go into harms way, and unfortunately they gave their lives, but instead of mourning them as heros, they throw them away for politics.

By affording Geneva protections to terrorists who do not reciprocate the gesture we are kidding ourselves. Liberalism drove us to this cliff. It's embarrassing really. We can't torture al-Qaeda prisoners, but al-Qaeda can cut off American heads and mutilate Americans with impunity in the eyes of the the liberals and get away with it.

Screw the libs!

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