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Monday, July 31, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Drive-By Media Coverage of Hezbo-Israel Conflict A Joke' (Hezbos kill their own people and blame Israel)

John Kerry said that if he were President that the Hezbo-Israel conflict would not have happened? Are you kidding? Next thing you know he'll be claiming that he could have stopped global warming.

Leftist America believes that Israel knocked down the building that it bombed killing dozens of women and children in Qana, Lebanon, but the building didn't go down until over seven to eight hours after the bomb was dropped. Five will get you ten that the Hezbo's finished the job to get public support from the anti-semitic world.

Isn't it interesting that only women and children were killed? Where were the men? Handling the nearby artillery pieces, or wiring the building for explosives to bring down the building killing all those left inside. Hell, where is the grieve in the rescue workers? Not one rescue worker looked to show any concern while holding up the babies for the anti-semitic press to capture on film.

The Hezbo's really killed those people. They paraded those dead children just as if the liberals were at the funeral of Corretta Scott King or Paul Wellstone's Memorial. The Hezbo's purposely put artillery pieces near populated buildings in hope of getting sympathetic press such as we have been seeing with dead Hezbo children.

The Hezbo's would rather see their own dead kids than dead Israeli kids on TV. The world anti-semitic press eats up dead Hezbo kids because it makes Israel and President Bush look bad. The libs believe that casualties should be 1-for-1, which is outrageous. In WWII, US combat deaths in the Pacific were 1 dead for approx. 22 Japanese dead. And the Japs were the fanatics back then just as the enemy today is. The Hezbos all need to be killed.

When have the Hezbos been condemned in this whole conflict? They have shot almost two thousand missiles into Israel and the world press is behind their cause 100%. I believe that Israel should continue to fight with valor and say "screw you" to the anti-semitic world.

Any "cease-fire" attempt will just continue to prolong the conflict anyway. Israel should go at the Hezbos full-throttle, with no regrets. A lasting peace will not be obtained until either the Hezbos or Israel are dead. That will also include many Lebanese civilians as well when Israel is truly forced to go into Lebanon.

Win or Lose, Israel will never be seen in a fair light by the anti-semitic press. One can only imagine the hate towards Israel that is going to be spewed in a few weeks by al-WIN and the al-UH Daily Cougar who will undoubtedly support the underdog Hezbos. The same Hezbos that want to see every Israeli man, woman, and child -- dead.

Screw the libs!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NOW Gang Opposes Child Custody Protection Act' (Sick NOW gals label it 'Teen Endangerment Act')

In a recently released NOW e-mail entitled "Oppose the Teen Endangerment Act; Senate to Vote Very Soon," the NOW gang just continue to wipe their snail trails into the corner.

In a day when young teen girls are suspended for taking an unauthorized aspirin on school grounds, the NOW gang, or NAGs as Conservatives like to call them, would like your senators to vote against protecting young teen girls from having a totally invasive procedure such as an abortion. All of this without their parents permission of course.

The NAGs can't even bear to call it by its rightful name - The Child Custody Protection Act (S. 403), instead the sick bitches prefer to label it the "The Teen Endangerment Act" because it would probably cause more teen girls to be grounded or smacked upside the head by their parents. If the Senate passes the bill it would more than likely go to the President's desk after conference.

The NAGs further complain that "the current version restricts a young woman's ability to obtain an abortion outside of the home state even if the closest city is across state lines." Not to mention that a 3-day waiting period would be put in place and it has criminal penalties for helping young teens cross state lines to obtain an abortion, unless "she has met her home state's parental involvement laws."

The NAGs claim that the bill "does not protect teens" and that it "jeopardizes young women's health." Of course all perfectly good BS, since the health of the fetus is not taken into question at all. I believe as many people believe that if a young teen is healthy enough for sex, she is healthy enough to have that bundle of responsibility.

I'm glad that America is slowly wising to the crazy phrase "health of the mother" when an abortion is involved. And get this. The NAGs also contend that S. 403 "will actually interfere with how parents choose to raise their children." Yeah, now maybe parents will teach their young teen girls to wait until marriage to have sexual relations.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Peaceful al-Qaeda and Hezbollah Members Recently Protested in Michigan and NYC for US and Israel Destruction

Members of a Dearborn, Michigan al-Qaeda sleeper cell rally around a picture of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah in protest of Israel's action to get back their soldiers.

We can only pray that the FBI is getting those faces on file for when when they go into action against the United States.

NYC Hezbollah members protest openly for the destruction of Israel and of course the United States.

Where is a good suicide bomber when you need one?

Another question: Why in the hell do those people who hate us come to the greatest country in the world in the first place?

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Won't admit that Adult Stem Cells Work' (Supports embryonic stem cells because it resembles abortion)

Yesterday al-UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas was hoping against hope that the President would do what he wanted in signing embryonic stem cell into law.

Today, Salinas has to be disappointed since President Bush has finally presented his VETO pen and dashed David's hopes, but I would support embryonic stem cell, just as I would support abortion if only liberal women were involved.

In his tripe today "Support, give life to stem cell bill," David Salinas is softly trying to nudge President Bush to sign the bill that would allow for the destruction of innocent human life, while liberal democrats continue their fight for the protection of guilty human life that has killed innocent human life, whether it be by abortion or by murder.

As far as I know their has been no clinical trials on embryonic stem cells. So what is the big deal. I've seen breakthrough after breakthrough with adult stem cells. But wth embryonic stem cells its equivalent to killing human life with no promises as to performance. We know some other country is going to try working embryonic stem cell, and well, let it rest with them -- not with the US.

Salinas is correct that "embryonic stem cells used today derive from left over embryos that developed in eggs that had been fertilized" and "clinics produce more than one embryo because they need to find the right ones to implant, []excess embryos are either discarded or frozen and then discarded at a later date." So what is wrong with that? Incrementalism.

Liberals always start out small with their ideas. First, we had smoking areas, then smoke free floors, buildings, zones and soon we will have whole smoke free towns. In fact, at least one US is talking about banning smoking in its citizens homes. So I ask again, if an embryonic stem cell program is allowed to start, then when will it stop?

Salinas is weak in his reasoning that "if stem cell research is immoral, then aren’t fertility clinics worse?" Of courses that is bull crap. At least fertility clinics create life and not take life intentionally. I have nieces and nephews today because of fertility clinics.

I don't want to see any discarded embryos, but fertilization services are very expensive, and I would like to see a law that would not call for the destruction of embroyos. Of course that would make the services even more expensive resulting in more trips to the clinic, and that more than likely will not happen.

You know, Salinas piece yesterday is a continuation of his hatred for President Bush. One can smell that David will be soon be writing pro-Hezbollah articles while the al-UH Daily Cougar while the propping up Sheik Hassan Nasrallah as being a pillar of the jihad community.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Don't You Just Love Liberals

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Cartoonist John Palamidy 'Wants North Korean missiles to work real bad' (Really, really bad)

When you work with plumbing, you have to dream big, and of course UH lead physical plant plumber John H Palamidy dreams really big.

Big enough for libs like Palamidy to actually dream that North Korea's missiles will get anywhere near the United States.

Your definitely dreaming John. At least we hope he's dreaming.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Al-Houston Chronicle Reposts al-AP Article 'al-Qaeda now gets Geneva protections' (Will al-Qaeda reciprocate -- fat chance)

The Al-Houston Chronicle is reporting, sorry, reposting an al-AP article "Guantanamo detainees get Geneva protections," which came in response to the leftist Supremes decision to make the war harder for the US to win.

"The Bush administration said today that all detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in U.S. military custody everywhere are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions," but Tony Snow did not say that they expect al-Qaeda to reciprocate humane treatment of American soldiers by extending Geneva protections, seeing as al-Qaeda recently multilated and practically play "ping pong" with one of the American soldiers eyes, according to one e-mail I received.

The leftist Supremes, who struck down military tribunals, "because they did not obey international law and had not been authorized by Congress," plus they have seemed to forget that we are at war with a determined enemy who will fight to the death.

Personally, I think that giving al-Qaeda rights is a bad move. The al-Qaeda handbook is designed to take advantage of every liberal we have, just as a drug addict claims they are sober to a liberal and wanting to believe gullible social worker. Do you think al-Qaeda actually cares about the Geneva Convention? Hell NO.

If FDR were in charge, we would have kicked out all suspect Arabs by now or at least rounded them up into camps. Arab students on visas would have been sent home, and any Arab American that steps out of line, would have been jailed.

Did the Japanese afford US POWs Geneva protections in WWII? I don't see any difference between a fanatical Jap and a fantatical Islamo facists. They simply need to be killed.

The liberal media takes every chance to bash Bush. For instance the Supreme Court let down of American security was seen as a "big defeat" for the President by the liberals, but the stopping of the NY tunnel bombers was not even mentioned as a "win" for the President. It is obvious that people can see the difference, and that's why the media is the only losing sector of the American economy.

In addition, the reporting of murderous "American soldiers" is making liberals salivate so that at a later date they can label all soldiers as "murderers" and demand a complete and immediate withdrawal.

Just like in Vietnam, the liberals today are playing into the hands of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda knows their "American" rights. They know to claim abuse, and when they claim abuse that the liberals will automatically believe it because of their hate for American troops and foreign policy.

I have no doubt that all U.S. detainees at Club Gitmo have been treated humanely. But the liberals never question the inhumane treatment of captured Americans by al-Qaeda. No that stuff is neatly tucked away lying in wait of American offenses to make the headlines. My God, the leftist father of Nick Berg who was beheaded by al-Qaeda calls the United States "murderers." How insane is that?

Both Michael Berg and Mother Sheehan are nutcases for souring the memory of their son's service to the country. Their sons believed in America enough to go into harms way, and unfortunately they gave their lives, but instead of mourning them as heros, they throw them away for politics.

By affording Geneva protections to terrorists who do not reciprocate the gesture we are kidding ourselves. Liberalism drove us to this cliff. It's embarrassing really. We can't torture al-Qaeda prisoners, but al-Qaeda can cut off American heads and mutilate Americans with impunity in the eyes of the the liberals and get away with it.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddy Cartoon 'Never Will Support US in War' (They will never support us even if we have a two 9/11's in a row)

I will never know why when liberals make jokes about Blacks, Hispanics, even Indian Asians, but they do, and they get away with it at will. They will get theirs someday God willing.

The al-UH Daily Cougar editorial cartoon doesn't get it as usual. Not everyone can enlist. In fact, the military doesn't want just anyone. They get the best they can get, and since I haven't heard of any stories recently of any missed military enlistment quotas then I believe they are getting enough.

The military doesn't want limp wristed liberals like the guy on the left in today's cartoon. There will never be another draft, that I can be certain about. It would be a waist of money to train liberals who don't want to be there, and would not try to serve properly if they were to be trained. I appreciate those who show support for the troops. In my book, as long as you don't speak ill of the troops or our foreign policy, you don't have to enlist to show patriotism.

As as combat vet I wouldn't want a liberal in the foxhole next to me, and if I did have one I would frag them myself. I only ask that citizens show some support for our military. We now have several generations of people who have not suffered like the World War II generation suffered.

The World War II generation for a time were really in doubt of their future freedoms. The sweat of the WWII generation gave rise to the waist of the 1960s generation, a generation mostly of scared and wimpy liberals less the brave men and women who served their country and those that actually supported the military during Vietnam.

Now those wimpy 1960s liberals have their children and grandchildren hating the US during wartime. Liberals are those impatient people who would call a ten minute wait on hold a "quagmire," and will never be supportive of President Bush much less the military in any military situation no matter how long it takes or if we were forced to fight.

The democratic party, I believe will continue to suffer greatly in the upcoming elections. The shallow liberal media will continue to lose viewers and circulation simply because of their continued negative attitude towards the US. Readers and viewers are tired of the US being seen as the bad guy.

The liberal media mourned Zarqawi with reverence and spat on Ken Lay, not even acknowledging any good Lay did before the scandal. They see the corrupt UN in an even brighter light than the do nothing democratic congress. The libs wake up with the intention "how can we fool them today."

Seeing as the lib media will never support a US victory against terror to keep our country sound, we need to do what the Mexican druglords to do reporters in Mexico -- kill them.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ken Lay Headed to that Big Jail Cell in the Sky

Ken Lay

Yes, good 'ol Ken Lay is headed to that big jail cell in the sky.

Of course the libs will get Karl Rove into this somehow with some sort of conspiracy.

Screw the libs!

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