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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Supreme Court Ruling Hails A Victory For Al-Qaeda And Liberals' (Terrorists and US citizens now have the same rights)

For the liberals to celebrate today's ruling by a still liberally bent Supreme Court as a victory is stupid. Even with Chief Justice Roberts it would have only been a 5-4 vote.

What were those five liberal nutcase justices thinking?

This is essentially an al-Qaeda "Bill of Rights". Can we be seeing OBL in a New York City courtroom being supported by liberals? I hope not. But it does take away US capabilities for being flexible in a time of war.

President Bush has not done a quarter of what President Lincoln did during the Civil War. Lincoln actually jailed reporters and others who spoke ill of the Union during the conflict.

I would personally like to see President Bush just ignore the Supreme Courts ruling. President's have been known to have done that before, at least once that I know of. The Supreme Court can't enforce it's own orders, and the military is undoubtedly supportive of Bush. I'm not talking coup or anything, but liberals would be up in a storm calling for al-Qaeda rights and a Bush impeachment if the Executive Branch just ignored.

One can wonder that how the left would be reacting if a President Gore or Kerry were in office. Chances are they would be outraged, arguing that the terrorists in no way offer the same reciprocal treatment to Americans, American and International law be damned when it comes to terrorists.

Screw the libs!

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