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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Rove Not Indicted, Kennedy Pleading Out, Bush Visits Troops in Harms Way (Overall Bad Day For Liberals)

Don't you love liberals. When they don't get their way -- they call you names. I mean just today, when it was clear that Karl Rove was not going to be indicted Senator JF Kerry's spokeman complained about Rove being "fat." (Who the hell is that hot babe with Rove? Hot chicks don't hang with fat people.)

Liberals are nothing more than little whiny babies. When they don't get what they want, they just pout and cry and call people names. What are fat people going to think of John F Kerry today as if they really care. Kerry's spokesman said it, as if JFKerry himself called Rove fat, which is an afront to fat people only when Republicans say it, but when liberals say it -- of course the libs are given a pass.

Readers will be hard pressed to find anything on liberal culture of corruptor Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who after making a late night drunken vote attempt at the Capitol after closing hours was driven home thus avoiding arrest. Of course Kennedy plead guilty and due to his families money will be getting of easy. His case will be much easier than Black liberal Congress members William Jefferson Democrat Louisiana, and Cynthia McKinney Democrat Georgia, who are still under the gun. Don't be looking for Kennedy to be losing any key positions such as Jefferson will be.

When the President showed up in Baghdad this morning it was a great boost not only to our troops, but to the Iraqi government itself. Of course liberals thought it was bad. When do libs ever think a Republican has done good. And especially when its good for the country. NEVER. President Bush showed himself to be strong no matter what the liberal worded polls say, and he seemed to have an overwhelming sense of pride in oneself and ones country.

Overall, it was a GOOD DAY for Conservatives.

Screw the libs!

hm wow, those are some pretty lofty allegations on me. being muslim doesnt automatically make me a terrorist. so i disagree with the current republican administration, so does half the country. would it better if i fit into the White Anglo Saxon Protestant mold? you don't have to be republican to be a conservative. i'm prolife, i'm okay with prayer in school, and i believe God created the world, and i also believe that marriage is between a man and woman. people dont fit into cookie cutter molds, so stop trying to make all people who dissent with bush and republicans to be flaming liberals and in my case a terrorist. attacking the person, and not the idea erodes your credibility. but its okay, i shall do what Jesus would have done, i'll turn the other cheek. God bless.
- Adil Saleem
The great Adil has spoken.
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