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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals in Mourning' (al-Zarqawi is dead)

Anything that makes President Bush or the US military look good, liberals are against it, and today with the death of al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, liberals will be mourning over the death of the great murderer of Americans.

Liberals will embrace the martyrdom of al-Zarqawi, and as we have seen in the news reports of today, the liberal media has made it look in their reporting today as if a close confidant has died.

Somber faces hailed all over the democratic party. Rep. Jack Murtha, who is no Marine, was heartbroken. Dingy Harry Reid, the corrupt Senate from Nevada, spoke as if he was giving a eulogy of al-Zarqawi.

Liberal al-Zarqawi supporter Michael Berg, whose son was beheaded by al-Zarqawi was pissed at the annoucement of the death, and promptly blamed the Bush Administration for the murder of abu.

There is no word yet if the democrats will be sending a party to Iraq or Jordan for al-Zarqawi's funeral, but we can all be assured that they will be there in spirit, and probably be sending monies to al-Zarqawi's family or to al-Qaeda training camps for scholarships so that poor muslim kids can become future jihadists or suicide bombers.

Thanks to tips from disenfranchised al-Zarqawi/liberal supporters, it finally put abu on the wrongside of a hellfire missile. Which makes one think about the current state of the democratic party, especially when you have Murtha (who is no Marine) practically stating that the US military CANNOT win the War on Terror.

Liberals already think we have lost. That we have to leave Iraq now. There is no alternative to leaving Iraq in the liberal mind. The attempts to base the loss of the war on poll numbers is not working.

That's liberalism for you. Always thinking negatively in the most positive of situations.

Screw the libs!

I have an idea...

Find out where his funeral is gonna be held, send Fred Phelps and crew as the US representatives, then, bomb the crap out of the whole mess....
Great, sane people can't wait to protest the funeral of Phelps' worthless ass.
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