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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal Press Questioning Zarqawi Death' (Questioning American Tactics)

Was Zarqawi tortured before he died? You know that is what the question the drive-by media following the death of the al-Qaeda leader.

Liberals are asking questions that show absolute concern for Zarqawi and of course imply that US Special Forces are the bad guys in all this. Why was he allowed to die?

Liberals, when will you let bygones be bygones? Zarqawi had a box of over a dozen heads of BEHEADED CHILDREN!!! Zarqawi is dead, and since you guys love the death of children and fetuses so much, you don't mind supporting Zarqawi even in his room temperature state. Beheaded kids and all, which he probably used for practice before he beheaded Nick Berg.

Even Rep. Jack Murtha, who is not a Marine, who basicly refused to give credit to US Forces for the death of abu. I tell you people, liberals will search every angle to investigate if something will hurt President Bush and the United States. I'm glad that Bush is the opposite of Clinton and does not rely on polls not one bit. He is doing the right thing in Iraq. In WWII, when Japan attacked us our motto was "Germany first."

Other liberal democrats like California democrat Pete Stark called the Zarqawi death a "Republican stunt." Off course the liberal is afraid that Bush's poll numbers might rise. The liberals believe their own polls, and are so stupid enough to elaborate that exit polling is more accurate than the actual election results themselves.

If liberals are so hellbent with politics on a simple thing such as eliminating a hardcore enemy of the US like Zarqawi, then how can the libs be trusted to run our national security if they should ever regain power. If the country goes to hell and the libs regain power, it might be a good idea to move to the Dominican Republic.

Screw the libs!

Love your site. I am linking it on one of my sites. Chris
Can you imagine, it's 1941 and Pearl Harbor was just attacked and LIBERALS are in power of the US Government??

We'd ALL be speaking Jap or German...

What do you call an intelligent Liberal??

No idea, never saw one...
We are also lucky we are not speaking Vietnamese.
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