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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'If today's liberals were in charge during WWII' (D-Day would never have happened)

Today's liberalism would never have allowed D-Day to go forth.

Well over the number of casualties that have died in the War on muslim jihadism (Terror) were killed on D-Day. The numbers are different depending on what source you reference but it is generally agreed that around 2,500 Americans died on D-Day.

If today's liberals were in charge, we would be speaking German and saluting the Nazi flag, all for their hate of any type of conflict resolution that is not associated with appeasement and the corrupt United Nations.

Liberals would have gladly appeased Hitler until he demanded all of Europe without firing a shot. That's how liberals treat bullies, they just let them ride all over them, and not to mention, when their own country defends themselves, they support the enemies cause.

I honor the young men of the United States who fought and who died in protecting our freedom on the Longest Day. President Reagan's 40th anniversary D-Day speech, the last great gathering of D-Day veterans, set the record straight that without their sacrifice, the world would be a completely different place.

President Clinton's 50th Anniversary D-Day farce, one in which brought shame to the United States by Der Slick Meister's shaping of convienently placed stones in the shape of a cross for the cameras, which was a planned photo op from start to finish. Not to mention his draft dodger status that brought him disgrace to the great men gathered at that place of sacrifice on that day.

Liberals simply don't understand American sacrifice. They didn't sacrifice like their grandparents or great-grandparents did in WWII.

To liberals, history began the day the Clinton Administration took office. To liberals, war can be fought at 20,000 feet and in the bombing of aspirin factories as the wimp Clinton showed us.

To the left we see what the liberals respect. Resistance. Not resistance against the enemy, but resistance against the United States, a country that has liberated millions of peoples in the past few years all while promoting democracy, all to the dismay of the liberals.

The desperate liberals see freedom as a hinderance to their plans. They promote abortion, which does not allow the freedom of birth. They hate our military which aids in the promotion of democracy. They hate the Republicans who try to put forth the best policies of tradition and respect for the Constitution. If the liberals support something you can be assured that it is bad for the United States.

It is ironic that the American sacrifices of D-Day has allowed the creation of liberalism that which so unjustly crucifies all that is good in America on a daily basis.

Screw the libs!

It's interesting that you leave out President Bush's 60th Anniversary speech.

I understand that this blog is a little over-the-top to counter similar liberal blogs, but I'd like to point out that you spent nearly half of your blog not resisting the enemy, but rather resisting the United States (or a portion of it you call "liberalism").

And the Republicans were liberal when they advocated the end of slavery, so not everything liberals support is bad for the United States.

Please excuse an old UH alum for his ignorance if those were parts of the joke.
My point was that a D-Day anniversary event is not to be politicized in any way shape or form.

Clinton has no respect for WWII Vets or any Vets for that matter hence his fake photo moment on the hallowed and famed Normandy Beach.

And Anon, you are right, not everything liberals support is bad for the United States. Their attitude towards faithfully aborting their base is slowly bringing their party to their knees like an intern on Clinton.
"My point was that a D-Day anniversary event is not to be politicized in any way shape or form."

That statement doesn't really seem to be consistent with your writing. If such was your intention, why did you title that post:
"Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'If today's liberals were in charge during WWII' (D-Day would never have happened)"

The vast majority of this space is spent criticizing "liberals." You really only mention the sacrifices of the troops as a backdrop to how lame liberals are. Is this not an overtly political invoking of D-Day?

And it is unclear from your argument how Reagan D-Day memorial speech differed from Clinton's. What did Clinton say that was disrespectful in contrast to Reagan (who made movies during the war)? Furthermore, why was the Reagan statement you refer to so significant? It isn't exactly a mind blowing notion that the world would be a different place without the D-Day vets' sacrifices. Frankly, it sounds terribly generic. How Reagan's anniversary was any less of a photo-op than Clinton's is difficult to discern from your analysis.

If your main thrust was genuinely not to politicize D-Day, your actual writing completely undercut this thesis. You may want to work on this. If you visit the UH Writing Center, they can assist you next time you're having trouble making points consistently. Keep practicing!
So what do you think about Ann Coultier politicizing 9/11?

Sure, she's not the only one, but still.
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