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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Do Terrorist Watch Movies?' (Does anyone remember the movie "Rules of Engagement" - Haditha could be the same)

It's a nice night here at the Northern Command on Lake Conroe. The steaks have been served. The guys are watching a movie in the home theater, the ladies are talking and going on about their business near the kitchen.

To-nites movie of choice is Rules of Engagement, a Marine movie that starts out in some far off hellhole that hates America, and Marines are called in to rescue the liberal Ambassador. All hell breaks loose when the Marines receive fire, and when the good guys kill all the bad guys it looks as if the Marines are dirty. The perfect liberal dream.

That scenario put a chill up my spine this evening and I felt compelled to slip out of the movie (seen it many times), grab my laptop, and stepped out to the back patio so I could write a few words in a beautiful evening scene.

Stuff is already starting to surface about Haditha that puts into question if an alleged Marine "massacre" even took place. Liberals such as John Murtha, who is not a Marine, called the Marines at Haditha murderers from the getgo and never once thought to give the system a chance to find out what really happened. Of course the libs are hoping for an Iraq My Lai, and like the Rove case, no indictments may ever come of it if things work out. Thank God.

An old MI friend of mine still living in Germany wrote and he has it that the rounds that are suspect are definitely foreign made, perhaps AK47. The Marine lawyers have this information and I hope that they use it to the hilt to get those boys out of the lions den of the liberal media.

Haditha has not been known as being friendly to Americans since it is a terrorist stronghold, and life to a terrorist is as unfriendly as a fetus in a womb in an abortion clinic, so the killing of a few dozen local adults and kids is no problem in the hopes of blaming it on the Americans. And with the liberal media reporting with favor towards al-Qaeda any damaging information against Americans is welcomed. The libs practically mourned Zarqawi when reporting his death.

I know the Marines lost a buddy at Haditha, but I'm not so sure that they would have gone off on a bloody rampage just because of that. Those guys are well trained. They are tough. Of course they have feelings, and they know they have two enemies in Iraq -- al-Qaeda and the liberal media, so they have to be on their best behavior even when under hostile fire. Marine shots have to be chosen carefully to lessen the bite of collateral damage against the civilian population precisely so they can afford any allegations of misconduct.

I'm sticking to my guns on Haditha. I've never called the Marines there murderers. I showed concerned about the situation, and will never press judgement until a thorough and complete investigation is done. Of course the liberal media has their own timetable and template on American guilt, so until a conclusion is drawn the Marines will continue to be the bad guy, and possibly even be seen as bad guys even when cleared.

Good things have been going on in Iraq, and I'm not talking since President Bush's poll numbers have started to rebound. Everyday, more Iraqis are taking control of their country. Al-Qaeda's own documents show that they feel they are losing, but you won't see that on CNN. You'll hear that they suspect the authenticity of the documents and that they are probably faked.

When all is said and done I think that we will find that terrorist tried to write their own hollywood movie. Written with liberal support, and like all hollywood movies that are released it will lack tremendously in making profits or making sense.

Screw the libs!

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