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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The Democrats Plan For America' (Where is their so-called plan?)

My God, the hardest thing to find on the internet is the actual Democrat's "Plan For America," or whatever they want to call it.

Whatever is it, I'm sure that it contains meaningless information that makes the liberals even more irrelevant than they are now, and probably contains nothing to really make any changes that will make the United States more safe.

I can imagine what the liberals really want:

Of course, the liberals will never print this stuff. The liberals can never be honest with anything presented to the American public. Honestly, how can even the non-kook democratic base half-way believe the stuff they put out.

I mean you have Senator Kerry holding debates on a date specific pullout just to avoid the evening news. Simply, the libs cannot be honest. Each and every liberal effort to counter Conservatism has failed. They look at everything thru the prism of politics and even a simple funeral can be turned into a worthless political effort as seen with the late Coretta Scott King. We now know that there "are" WMDs over there.

Liberals, are wimps. They have no fortitude, and their insane attitude in continuing to bash Bush will cost them dearly, and they will have virtually no ammunition against the next GOP frontrunner. I'm convinced the lib media will be blown away come October (or soon after) with an annoucement of VP Cheney's retirement, and an instant GOP front-runner for the '08 elections. I'm still pulling for JC Watts.

Screw the libs!

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