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Friday, June 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'DeLay's Leaving Just Created America's Newest Millionaire' (Will be more dangerous now in his $75,000 speeches)

Tom DeLay's leaving Congress today is for the good of the Republican Party. He is now allowed to really speak his mind, and in turn make $75K or more a pop for speeches, leaving his old salary behind. America, meet your newest multi-millionaire, all thanks to liberals.

I hope that DeLay becomes Michael Moore's opposite. Hell, if a Republican can make a hard hitting movie about liberals it will be DeLay, and I can guarantee you he will not take any persons views out of context like Moore did.

I thank you Congressman DeLay for years of dedicated service. I appreciated you being my Congressman for a time, and I enjoyed speaking to you on several occassions.

Good luck sir. May your new life in Virginia be very profitable. We hope that you never lose your love for Texas and visit many times, and move back when everything cools.

Screw the libs!

You truly are a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where's my steak asshole?

Typical, promising something and then not delivering. You should be a politician.
Enjoyed a lot! »
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