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Friday, June 23, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'ACLU E-Mail Touts American Toture Rooms Overseas' (No word if they CHOP OFF HEADS like al-Qaeda)

American Communist League Union Anthony Romero sent out an e-mail recently stating "Our Government is Kidnapping People and Flying Them to Foreign Torture Cells: Stop Them!

How can anyone in their right mind print stuff like below and be able to sleep at night knowing the brutality and mutilation that the terrorist commit.

A part of Romero's e-mail is as follows:

"Dear Friend,

Did you know our own federal government is secretly targeting people while changing planes in American airports, walking along streets in Italian cities, and going about their daily lives in other corners of the world? They target people, sometimes on the basis of mistaken identity, kidnap them without ever making an arrest or seeking charges in any court, and ship them off to places like Syria and Uzbekistan, where they are tortured and abused."

I'm shocked. These liberals are like Human Rights Watch, who look at terrorists chopping off heads and think nothing of it as being an offense against American soldiers.

Rendition, the project started under President Clinton is being criticized because it is also used during the Bush administration. Of course liberals like Romero call what American do torture, and I say "who cares." I do know if it violates U.S. federal law, but if it helps stops terroristic acts against the US, then I'm for it.

Romero is being assisted by socialist Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who has "offered an amendment to the Defense Department authorization bill that will put a stop" to this program and assist terrorist in doing harm to the United States.

Of course Durbin's amendment won't pass, but Romero's e-mail gives hope to liberals out there that they are actually doing something when they are not. What it does do is give terrorists hope that American liberals will support them till they are all dead.

Liberals like Romero see any action that the Bush Administration takes in defense against terrorism as a violation of the "law under the guise of protecting national security" which is most certainly a crock.

Screw the libs!

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