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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Call For Open Homosexuality in US Military' (Al-WIN Congratulates itself for 2006 awards)

The Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddys editorial today "Pentagon needs to adapt to gays in military policy" truly has set the tone for a far move to left of center under the new leadership of Kristen Young.

When the country is saying no constantly to gay marriage, the Eddys say the military is "still dragging its feet into the 21st century in regards to homosexuality." Who cares if the APA no longer lists homosexuality as a mental disorder, they're a bunch of fags anyway.

The Eddys find "don't ask, don't tell," inadequate. It doesn't allow homosexuals to be gay, or gay enough, and by holding gay openness back you are stymying real progress. They don't care if gays are harrassed, because the military will have "anti-hazing training" so it won't "be an issue."

That folks, will be the only time this Al-DC administration will love the military. When gay openness is allowed to thrive.

I don't know about you, but as one who has donated blood in a combat zone under fire, when soldiers need blood in a hurry who is to say that that blood will be HIV-free?


UH's Al-World Internet News has won 11 Awards from the Al-Houston Press Club. The guys won in the "student radio and television news" categories at the awards ceremony earlier this month. No word if Al-WIN was the only entry.

Al-Press Club of Dallas recognized Al-WIN for being having the "Best Student News Story," probably one that bashed President Bush. Al-WiN guys won awards from the Al-Society of Professional Journalists last month. This blog was disappointed that Al-WINs Jessica Robertson didn't win with their insane close-up of the babe.

Obviously, Matt Dougherty's "A Day in the Life of a Male Prostitute," was a winner noting that "charging $10 for a hand-job, $30 for a blow-job and $50 for anal sex" had the judges heading for the Montrose-area to be serviced.

Congratulations to all Al-WIN national finalists.

Screw the libs!

That's a good point. Straight people have a gene that makes them immune to HIV.

Wait ... then it wouldn't matter if the blood was HIV-free.

I think you may be onto something.
You should join Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church. Judging from your rhetoric, you'd fit in pretty well over there.
Praise the Lord, and damn the Church of Liberalism!!!!
That wasn't a compliment honey. That is the same church that's held hate rallies at military funerals (the guys with the "God hates dead soldiers" signs). I bring it up because your rhetoric has about as much substance as his: huff and puff and a whole lot of hate. But it's interesting that you responded in that fashion (if that was indeed supposed to be a response).

I mean, REALLY. This is the best you've got? A rant on the DC editorial with ONE quote to back up what you're saying, and a WiN story from last winter? Wow, that's a convincing argument. Whatever your major is, for your sake I hope it doesn't involve writing.
I know that Phelps is a nutcase, and I've mentioned him before.

The comment in no way supported Fred or his cause. It was just a religious moment with a Coulter twist.

I'm not hung up on Fred Phelps like some people. I just ignore him.

We have a right to free speech, but we do not have a right to be heard.
HIV is God's way of saying "Dude, take that penis out of your butt."

The 144,000 chosen straight people can't get it.

It's in the bible, stupid.
Congrats to WiN!
As Coogs, we should all be proud of their accomplishments.
WiN wasn't the only entry. They handed UT and the other Texas universities their lunch.
Too bad Schiff was working on the projects while the rest of WiN was waiting tables and handing out lunch.

Schiff schould let the students do their own work.
What are you talking about? Schiff didn't write the stories.
It seems the pentagon just changed its policy. Still want to bash the Cougar?
Keep up the good work »
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