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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Kalaiah Vaugh 'Faults Bush for NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND' (Believes that every child must succeed)

I don't know what Kalaiah A. Vaughn was thinking when she wrote her tripe "Act gives false hope to students" today. I swear the mole on her forehead knows more than she does. What President besides John Adams, Millard Fillmore, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Wm. McKinley, Warren Harding, and LBJ, has ever educated a child, and they only did that because they were at one time teachers.

Presidents can only go so far in policy in educating children, and even though Presidents can promised higher standards, a whole cadre of troops (educators and parents) are needed to make sure the Presidential promise is carried through. If anything, educators in inner city schools who don't give a damn for the kids, liberal parents who think that their parental education responsibilities stops at the edge of the school grounds, and arrogant education administrators who think they are GODS when it comes to educating America's children.

When government got involved in the public school system starting with school integration in the 1950s, the dam was busted and ever since the federal government has had its hands on public schools ever since. You can only throw so much money at the education problem. For instance in Washington DC, they spend more money educating children and have some of the lowest graducation rates in the nation. Truth is, education administrators eat up so much money that should be spent in the classroom its crazy.

It doesn't matter what No Child Left Behind does because schools will continue on as usual, unless their federal monies are threatened. Schools, at least since the liberals took over, have been lackluster with their trying to keep all children education level the same. By liberals holding back our best students, not encouraging children to be their best, by the libs giving our kids crayons in math class for word problems, we are hurting ourselves in the name of educational equality.

When the rest of the world heralds their smartest kids and challenges them to be their next generation of leaders, in the US anyone who is not liberal and succeeds is smeared as being outside the system. Hello Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales.

The key to being successful in the education game is will. If the child wants it hard enough, they will eventually succeed. The liberal education system does not instill will in our children. The kids are being taught that don't worry, that government will take care of all your ill wills.

Don't worry about even feeding your child, the school will do it for you. Who cares if the parent uses the family food money for drugs, the school is going to feed your child.

Governments instance at testing our kids is an insult to teachers. Its gotten to the point that teachers at inner city schools are now teaching the test. The problem is that students have when it comes time to receive high school diplomas, when they cannot pass the required tests shows just how wrong the liberal education system is.

Students have several years to pass that exam, and if they can't pass that exam by their senior year, then perhaps they don't deserve a damn diploma in the first place. The libs should be happy about that because it creates another generation of underclass that will come to vote democrat because of their dependence on government.

Vaughn tries to shock summer readers stating, that stupid students who walk on graduation via a Certificate of Attendance, are forbidden from "getting a GED, attending vocational or technical school, community college, or an adult education program." Good!

With the study habits that those worthless students have obtained perhaps its a good idea to keep them from trying to better themselves for a while and mature a little bit for the future.

Of course Vaughn has to interject race into the mix. "It's always about the darkies." As if not to know that the "disadvantaged children of color" would be hurt the hardest in getting their education. Well if they would have been given a little hope at all levels in their education and in life as well, perhaps they wouldn't be so dependent on the government today.

Of course, "the students who fail state-mandated exit exams more often than not come from disadvantaged homes and overcrowded schools and suffer from misdiagnosed learning problems" -- what's new. "These are the children who 'slip through the cracks' every year" -- again, what's new.

Vaughn believes just because we live in the USA, we have the "right to succeed." I don't know where that is written in the Constitution, be we do have the 'right to try to succeed.'

Screw the libs!

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