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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Supreme Court Ruling Hails A Victory For Al-Qaeda And Liberals' (Terrorists and US citizens now have the same rights)

For the liberals to celebrate today's ruling by a still liberally bent Supreme Court as a victory is stupid. Even with Chief Justice Roberts it would have only been a 5-4 vote.

What were those five liberal nutcase justices thinking?

This is essentially an al-Qaeda "Bill of Rights". Can we be seeing OBL in a New York City courtroom being supported by liberals? I hope not. But it does take away US capabilities for being flexible in a time of war.

President Bush has not done a quarter of what President Lincoln did during the Civil War. Lincoln actually jailed reporters and others who spoke ill of the Union during the conflict.

I would personally like to see President Bush just ignore the Supreme Courts ruling. President's have been known to have done that before, at least once that I know of. The Supreme Court can't enforce it's own orders, and the military is undoubtedly supportive of Bush. I'm not talking coup or anything, but liberals would be up in a storm calling for al-Qaeda rights and a Bush impeachment if the Executive Branch just ignored.

One can wonder that how the left would be reacting if a President Gore or Kerry were in office. Chances are they would be outraged, arguing that the terrorists in no way offer the same reciprocal treatment to Americans, American and International law be damned when it comes to terrorists.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Democrats Sad Over GOP Plan for Iraq' (Libs expect big win in '06 elections on their 'Cut and Run' plan)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'ACLU E-Mail Touts American Toture Rooms Overseas' (No word if they CHOP OFF HEADS like al-Qaeda)

American Communist League Union Anthony Romero sent out an e-mail recently stating "Our Government is Kidnapping People and Flying Them to Foreign Torture Cells: Stop Them!

How can anyone in their right mind print stuff like below and be able to sleep at night knowing the brutality and mutilation that the terrorist commit.

A part of Romero's e-mail is as follows:

"Dear Friend,

Did you know our own federal government is secretly targeting people while changing planes in American airports, walking along streets in Italian cities, and going about their daily lives in other corners of the world? They target people, sometimes on the basis of mistaken identity, kidnap them without ever making an arrest or seeking charges in any court, and ship them off to places like Syria and Uzbekistan, where they are tortured and abused."

I'm shocked. These liberals are like Human Rights Watch, who look at terrorists chopping off heads and think nothing of it as being an offense against American soldiers.

Rendition, the project started under President Clinton is being criticized because it is also used during the Bush administration. Of course liberals like Romero call what American do torture, and I say "who cares." I do know if it violates U.S. federal law, but if it helps stops terroristic acts against the US, then I'm for it.

Romero is being assisted by socialist Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who has "offered an amendment to the Defense Department authorization bill that will put a stop" to this program and assist terrorist in doing harm to the United States.

Of course Durbin's amendment won't pass, but Romero's e-mail gives hope to liberals out there that they are actually doing something when they are not. What it does do is give terrorists hope that American liberals will support them till they are all dead.

Liberals like Romero see any action that the Bush Administration takes in defense against terrorism as a violation of the "law under the guise of protecting national security" which is most certainly a crock.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnist Kalaiah Vaugh 'Faults Bush for NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND' (Believes that every child must succeed)

I don't know what Kalaiah A. Vaughn was thinking when she wrote her tripe "Act gives false hope to students" today. I swear the mole on her forehead knows more than she does. What President besides John Adams, Millard Fillmore, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Wm. McKinley, Warren Harding, and LBJ, has ever educated a child, and they only did that because they were at one time teachers.

Presidents can only go so far in policy in educating children, and even though Presidents can promised higher standards, a whole cadre of troops (educators and parents) are needed to make sure the Presidential promise is carried through. If anything, educators in inner city schools who don't give a damn for the kids, liberal parents who think that their parental education responsibilities stops at the edge of the school grounds, and arrogant education administrators who think they are GODS when it comes to educating America's children.

When government got involved in the public school system starting with school integration in the 1950s, the dam was busted and ever since the federal government has had its hands on public schools ever since. You can only throw so much money at the education problem. For instance in Washington DC, they spend more money educating children and have some of the lowest graducation rates in the nation. Truth is, education administrators eat up so much money that should be spent in the classroom its crazy.

It doesn't matter what No Child Left Behind does because schools will continue on as usual, unless their federal monies are threatened. Schools, at least since the liberals took over, have been lackluster with their trying to keep all children education level the same. By liberals holding back our best students, not encouraging children to be their best, by the libs giving our kids crayons in math class for word problems, we are hurting ourselves in the name of educational equality.

When the rest of the world heralds their smartest kids and challenges them to be their next generation of leaders, in the US anyone who is not liberal and succeeds is smeared as being outside the system. Hello Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales.

The key to being successful in the education game is will. If the child wants it hard enough, they will eventually succeed. The liberal education system does not instill will in our children. The kids are being taught that don't worry, that government will take care of all your ill wills.

Don't worry about even feeding your child, the school will do it for you. Who cares if the parent uses the family food money for drugs, the school is going to feed your child.

Governments instance at testing our kids is an insult to teachers. Its gotten to the point that teachers at inner city schools are now teaching the test. The problem is that students have when it comes time to receive high school diplomas, when they cannot pass the required tests shows just how wrong the liberal education system is.

Students have several years to pass that exam, and if they can't pass that exam by their senior year, then perhaps they don't deserve a damn diploma in the first place. The libs should be happy about that because it creates another generation of underclass that will come to vote democrat because of their dependence on government.

Vaughn tries to shock summer readers stating, that stupid students who walk on graduation via a Certificate of Attendance, are forbidden from "getting a GED, attending vocational or technical school, community college, or an adult education program." Good!

With the study habits that those worthless students have obtained perhaps its a good idea to keep them from trying to better themselves for a while and mature a little bit for the future.

Of course Vaughn has to interject race into the mix. "It's always about the darkies." As if not to know that the "disadvantaged children of color" would be hurt the hardest in getting their education. Well if they would have been given a little hope at all levels in their education and in life as well, perhaps they wouldn't be so dependent on the government today.

Of course, "the students who fail state-mandated exit exams more often than not come from disadvantaged homes and overcrowded schools and suffer from misdiagnosed learning problems" -- what's new. "These are the children who 'slip through the cracks' every year" -- again, what's new.

Vaughn believes just because we live in the USA, we have the "right to succeed." I don't know where that is written in the Constitution, be we do have the 'right to try to succeed.'

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Call For Open Homosexuality in US Military' (Al-WIN Congratulates itself for 2006 awards)

The Al-UH Daily Cougar Eddys editorial today "Pentagon needs to adapt to gays in military policy" truly has set the tone for a far move to left of center under the new leadership of Kristen Young.

When the country is saying no constantly to gay marriage, the Eddys say the military is "still dragging its feet into the 21st century in regards to homosexuality." Who cares if the APA no longer lists homosexuality as a mental disorder, they're a bunch of fags anyway.

The Eddys find "don't ask, don't tell," inadequate. It doesn't allow homosexuals to be gay, or gay enough, and by holding gay openness back you are stymying real progress. They don't care if gays are harrassed, because the military will have "anti-hazing training" so it won't "be an issue."

That folks, will be the only time this Al-DC administration will love the military. When gay openness is allowed to thrive.

I don't know about you, but as one who has donated blood in a combat zone under fire, when soldiers need blood in a hurry who is to say that that blood will be HIV-free?


UH's Al-World Internet News has won 11 Awards from the Al-Houston Press Club. The guys won in the "student radio and television news" categories at the awards ceremony earlier this month. No word if Al-WIN was the only entry.

Al-Press Club of Dallas recognized Al-WIN for being having the "Best Student News Story," probably one that bashed President Bush. Al-WiN guys won awards from the Al-Society of Professional Journalists last month. This blog was disappointed that Al-WINs Jessica Robertson didn't win with their insane close-up of the babe.

Obviously, Matt Dougherty's "A Day in the Life of a Male Prostitute," was a winner noting that "charging $10 for a hand-job, $30 for a blow-job and $50 for anal sex" had the judges heading for the Montrose-area to be serviced.

Congratulations to all Al-WIN national finalists.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The Democrats Plan For America' (Where is their so-called plan?)

My God, the hardest thing to find on the internet is the actual Democrat's "Plan For America," or whatever they want to call it.

Whatever is it, I'm sure that it contains meaningless information that makes the liberals even more irrelevant than they are now, and probably contains nothing to really make any changes that will make the United States more safe.

I can imagine what the liberals really want:

Of course, the liberals will never print this stuff. The liberals can never be honest with anything presented to the American public. Honestly, how can even the non-kook democratic base half-way believe the stuff they put out.

I mean you have Senator Kerry holding debates on a date specific pullout just to avoid the evening news. Simply, the libs cannot be honest. Each and every liberal effort to counter Conservatism has failed. They look at everything thru the prism of politics and even a simple funeral can be turned into a worthless political effort as seen with the late Coretta Scott King. We now know that there "are" WMDs over there.

Liberals, are wimps. They have no fortitude, and their insane attitude in continuing to bash Bush will cost them dearly, and they will have virtually no ammunition against the next GOP frontrunner. I'm convinced the lib media will be blown away come October (or soon after) with an annoucement of VP Cheney's retirement, and an instant GOP front-runner for the '08 elections. I'm still pulling for JC Watts.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Do Terrorist Watch Movies?' (Does anyone remember the movie "Rules of Engagement" - Haditha could be the same)

It's a nice night here at the Northern Command on Lake Conroe. The steaks have been served. The guys are watching a movie in the home theater, the ladies are talking and going on about their business near the kitchen.

To-nites movie of choice is Rules of Engagement, a Marine movie that starts out in some far off hellhole that hates America, and Marines are called in to rescue the liberal Ambassador. All hell breaks loose when the Marines receive fire, and when the good guys kill all the bad guys it looks as if the Marines are dirty. The perfect liberal dream.

That scenario put a chill up my spine this evening and I felt compelled to slip out of the movie (seen it many times), grab my laptop, and stepped out to the back patio so I could write a few words in a beautiful evening scene.

Stuff is already starting to surface about Haditha that puts into question if an alleged Marine "massacre" even took place. Liberals such as John Murtha, who is not a Marine, called the Marines at Haditha murderers from the getgo and never once thought to give the system a chance to find out what really happened. Of course the libs are hoping for an Iraq My Lai, and like the Rove case, no indictments may ever come of it if things work out. Thank God.

An old MI friend of mine still living in Germany wrote and he has it that the rounds that are suspect are definitely foreign made, perhaps AK47. The Marine lawyers have this information and I hope that they use it to the hilt to get those boys out of the lions den of the liberal media.

Haditha has not been known as being friendly to Americans since it is a terrorist stronghold, and life to a terrorist is as unfriendly as a fetus in a womb in an abortion clinic, so the killing of a few dozen local adults and kids is no problem in the hopes of blaming it on the Americans. And with the liberal media reporting with favor towards al-Qaeda any damaging information against Americans is welcomed. The libs practically mourned Zarqawi when reporting his death.

I know the Marines lost a buddy at Haditha, but I'm not so sure that they would have gone off on a bloody rampage just because of that. Those guys are well trained. They are tough. Of course they have feelings, and they know they have two enemies in Iraq -- al-Qaeda and the liberal media, so they have to be on their best behavior even when under hostile fire. Marine shots have to be chosen carefully to lessen the bite of collateral damage against the civilian population precisely so they can afford any allegations of misconduct.

I'm sticking to my guns on Haditha. I've never called the Marines there murderers. I showed concerned about the situation, and will never press judgement until a thorough and complete investigation is done. Of course the liberal media has their own timetable and template on American guilt, so until a conclusion is drawn the Marines will continue to be the bad guy, and possibly even be seen as bad guys even when cleared.

Good things have been going on in Iraq, and I'm not talking since President Bush's poll numbers have started to rebound. Everyday, more Iraqis are taking control of their country. Al-Qaeda's own documents show that they feel they are losing, but you won't see that on CNN. You'll hear that they suspect the authenticity of the documents and that they are probably faked.

When all is said and done I think that we will find that terrorist tried to write their own hollywood movie. Written with liberal support, and like all hollywood movies that are released it will lack tremendously in making profits or making sense.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


UH Daily Cougar 'Only America Haters Would Print Something Like This'


It is even worse that this DC shameful and database removed cartoon.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Rove Not Indicted, Kennedy Pleading Out, Bush Visits Troops in Harms Way (Overall Bad Day For Liberals)

Don't you love liberals. When they don't get their way -- they call you names. I mean just today, when it was clear that Karl Rove was not going to be indicted Senator JF Kerry's spokeman complained about Rove being "fat." (Who the hell is that hot babe with Rove? Hot chicks don't hang with fat people.)

Liberals are nothing more than little whiny babies. When they don't get what they want, they just pout and cry and call people names. What are fat people going to think of John F Kerry today as if they really care. Kerry's spokesman said it, as if JFKerry himself called Rove fat, which is an afront to fat people only when Republicans say it, but when liberals say it -- of course the libs are given a pass.

Readers will be hard pressed to find anything on liberal culture of corruptor Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who after making a late night drunken vote attempt at the Capitol after closing hours was driven home thus avoiding arrest. Of course Kennedy plead guilty and due to his families money will be getting of easy. His case will be much easier than Black liberal Congress members William Jefferson Democrat Louisiana, and Cynthia McKinney Democrat Georgia, who are still under the gun. Don't be looking for Kennedy to be losing any key positions such as Jefferson will be.

When the President showed up in Baghdad this morning it was a great boost not only to our troops, but to the Iraqi government itself. Of course liberals thought it was bad. When do libs ever think a Republican has done good. And especially when its good for the country. NEVER. President Bush showed himself to be strong no matter what the liberal worded polls say, and he seemed to have an overwhelming sense of pride in oneself and ones country.

Overall, it was a GOOD DAY for Conservatives.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Al-Qaeda Suicides at Club Gitmo w/o Collateral American Deaths (Liberals pissed American bodycount not rising fast)

The New York Times and the Houston Chronicle are sadly reporting of "3 detainee suicides reported at Guantanamo," or Club Gitmo, as Conservatives like to call it.

This has been a tough couple of days for the liberals with the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and now the three dead detainees at Gitmo. Liberals have to be upset that al-Qaeda members are now committing suicide without taking any American soldiers with them. I mean, at the rate that American deaths are happening these days in the War on Terror it could be another three to four years before we reach 3000 war dead.

Who cares if al-Qaeda detainees are committing suicide at Club Gitmo. It only makes news to liberal apologist who never see the United States on the right side of things. Can you imagine the questions that liberals will be asking on the Sunday shows? Believe me, its going to be Americas fault from the liberals angle.

What is the US doing to the detainees to cause them to commit suicide? Are they getting too much NPR and not enough Rush Limbaugh on Club Gitmo radio? We know they are being given three muslim squares a day, and that they have koran flush proof toilets, quality prayer rugs and directional signs in which to pray, so why did they off themselves?

I suppose the death of Zarqawi can be one reason, but I think they know they are losing. They know they are losing and can't stand it, so why go on.

I know the Pentagon has to report the suicides or be seen by the liberal media as withholding information, but I'm one to think that these suicides will not be seen as bad against the United States. We are at war, and all kind of death happens. I was glad to hear that Zarqawi tried to get away and definitely knew that his last thoughts were of the Americans getting him.

I don't care if the military said "all lifesaving measures had been exhausted" and that the bodies were to be treated "with the utmost respect," but its going to happen. I say wrap the bodies in pig guts and bury them with the dogs that's how much respect they so us, so return the favor.

I know that the corrupt UN will focus on the suicides as the US's fault. Of course this is the same UN that said that Club Gitmo "violated the world's ban on torture," by giving the detainees muslim squares, prayer rugs, korans, and nice prison garb, so what's new.

Liberals have pushed for detainee releases from Club Gitmo since they have a history of returning to the battlefield to kill more Americans, which the ultimate goal of liberals. Liberals like the Center for Constitutional Rights Barbara Olshansky said "and now they're gone."

Olshansky's group represents hundreds of Club Gitmo detainees trying to make sure that the non-citizens at Club Gitmo are given American Constitutional Rights to be seen in American courts.

Olshanky said "I don't think this country wants the stain of injustice on it for many years to come," but perhaps if we beheaded a few al-Qaeda detainees we might get a little respect on the world stage, or at least be given a pass from the world.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal Press Questioning Zarqawi Death' (Questioning American Tactics)

Was Zarqawi tortured before he died? You know that is what the question the drive-by media following the death of the al-Qaeda leader.

Liberals are asking questions that show absolute concern for Zarqawi and of course imply that US Special Forces are the bad guys in all this. Why was he allowed to die?

Liberals, when will you let bygones be bygones? Zarqawi had a box of over a dozen heads of BEHEADED CHILDREN!!! Zarqawi is dead, and since you guys love the death of children and fetuses so much, you don't mind supporting Zarqawi even in his room temperature state. Beheaded kids and all, which he probably used for practice before he beheaded Nick Berg.

Even Rep. Jack Murtha, who is not a Marine, who basicly refused to give credit to US Forces for the death of abu. I tell you people, liberals will search every angle to investigate if something will hurt President Bush and the United States. I'm glad that Bush is the opposite of Clinton and does not rely on polls not one bit. He is doing the right thing in Iraq. In WWII, when Japan attacked us our motto was "Germany first."

Other liberal democrats like California democrat Pete Stark called the Zarqawi death a "Republican stunt." Off course the liberal is afraid that Bush's poll numbers might rise. The liberals believe their own polls, and are so stupid enough to elaborate that exit polling is more accurate than the actual election results themselves.

If liberals are so hellbent with politics on a simple thing such as eliminating a hardcore enemy of the US like Zarqawi, then how can the libs be trusted to run our national security if they should ever regain power. If the country goes to hell and the libs regain power, it might be a good idea to move to the Dominican Republic.

Screw the libs!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'DeLay's Leaving Just Created America's Newest Millionaire' (Will be more dangerous now in his $75,000 speeches)

Tom DeLay's leaving Congress today is for the good of the Republican Party. He is now allowed to really speak his mind, and in turn make $75K or more a pop for speeches, leaving his old salary behind. America, meet your newest multi-millionaire, all thanks to liberals.

I hope that DeLay becomes Michael Moore's opposite. Hell, if a Republican can make a hard hitting movie about liberals it will be DeLay, and I can guarantee you he will not take any persons views out of context like Moore did.

I thank you Congressman DeLay for years of dedicated service. I appreciated you being my Congressman for a time, and I enjoyed speaking to you on several occassions.

Good luck sir. May your new life in Virginia be very profitable. We hope that you never lose your love for Texas and visit many times, and move back when everything cools.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals in Mourning' (al-Zarqawi is dead)

Anything that makes President Bush or the US military look good, liberals are against it, and today with the death of al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, liberals will be mourning over the death of the great murderer of Americans.

Liberals will embrace the martyrdom of al-Zarqawi, and as we have seen in the news reports of today, the liberal media has made it look in their reporting today as if a close confidant has died.

Somber faces hailed all over the democratic party. Rep. Jack Murtha, who is no Marine, was heartbroken. Dingy Harry Reid, the corrupt Senate from Nevada, spoke as if he was giving a eulogy of al-Zarqawi.

Liberal al-Zarqawi supporter Michael Berg, whose son was beheaded by al-Zarqawi was pissed at the annoucement of the death, and promptly blamed the Bush Administration for the murder of abu.

There is no word yet if the democrats will be sending a party to Iraq or Jordan for al-Zarqawi's funeral, but we can all be assured that they will be there in spirit, and probably be sending monies to al-Zarqawi's family or to al-Qaeda training camps for scholarships so that poor muslim kids can become future jihadists or suicide bombers.

Thanks to tips from disenfranchised al-Zarqawi/liberal supporters, it finally put abu on the wrongside of a hellfire missile. Which makes one think about the current state of the democratic party, especially when you have Murtha (who is no Marine) practically stating that the US military CANNOT win the War on Terror.

Liberals already think we have lost. That we have to leave Iraq now. There is no alternative to leaving Iraq in the liberal mind. The attempts to base the loss of the war on poll numbers is not working.

That's liberalism for you. Always thinking negatively in the most positive of situations.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'If today's liberals were in charge during WWII' (D-Day would never have happened)

Today's liberalism would never have allowed D-Day to go forth.

Well over the number of casualties that have died in the War on muslim jihadism (Terror) were killed on D-Day. The numbers are different depending on what source you reference but it is generally agreed that around 2,500 Americans died on D-Day.

If today's liberals were in charge, we would be speaking German and saluting the Nazi flag, all for their hate of any type of conflict resolution that is not associated with appeasement and the corrupt United Nations.

Liberals would have gladly appeased Hitler until he demanded all of Europe without firing a shot. That's how liberals treat bullies, they just let them ride all over them, and not to mention, when their own country defends themselves, they support the enemies cause.

I honor the young men of the United States who fought and who died in protecting our freedom on the Longest Day. President Reagan's 40th anniversary D-Day speech, the last great gathering of D-Day veterans, set the record straight that without their sacrifice, the world would be a completely different place.

President Clinton's 50th Anniversary D-Day farce, one in which brought shame to the United States by Der Slick Meister's shaping of convienently placed stones in the shape of a cross for the cameras, which was a planned photo op from start to finish. Not to mention his draft dodger status that brought him disgrace to the great men gathered at that place of sacrifice on that day.

Liberals simply don't understand American sacrifice. They didn't sacrifice like their grandparents or great-grandparents did in WWII.

To liberals, history began the day the Clinton Administration took office. To liberals, war can be fought at 20,000 feet and in the bombing of aspirin factories as the wimp Clinton showed us.

To the left we see what the liberals respect. Resistance. Not resistance against the enemy, but resistance against the United States, a country that has liberated millions of peoples in the past few years all while promoting democracy, all to the dismay of the liberals.

The desperate liberals see freedom as a hinderance to their plans. They promote abortion, which does not allow the freedom of birth. They hate our military which aids in the promotion of democracy. They hate the Republicans who try to put forth the best policies of tradition and respect for the Constitution. If the liberals support something you can be assured that it is bad for the United States.

It is ironic that the American sacrifices of D-Day has allowed the creation of liberalism that which so unjustly crucifies all that is good in America on a daily basis.

Screw the libs!

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